The Things They Say…

From several months ago:

Three little girls are getting ready for bed.

Daddy is at the helm. I am on the sidelines. Helping a bit, catching up on things computer-side as well.

Somehow… we start the round… the round of identifying…

“Mommy, I’m an artist!” she says… with glee…

And I say, “Yes! You’re my artist… and…”

I look at the next little girl, “Maybe you will be a musician!” and Mellie says…”I know what you’re going to say Mommy! You’re going to say I’m your dancer!”

And then all the little girls are my dancer and my musician and my artist…

(and this all stems from weeks ago- when suddenly, my little girl just did look at me and say, “Mommy, I’m an artist.” And she is. She is.)

And then…my Aymee… she clasps her hands together and she says…

with such obvious delight and anticipation:

“And I… I am soon going to be a Reader!”…

And yes, yes she is.

My Reader.

The Things They Say.

The Things They Say and (Recipes and Food Finds!)

“Son, I think you grew!” I say to a rapidly stretching young man of mine.

“Yeah!” He says. “There was that one week when Fig Bar was my life.  I was hungry every five minutes. And Fig Bar! Fig Bar saved the day! They gave me one hour of bliss! One hour when I wasn’t hungry!”

Thankfully, that week of every five minutes of hunger has passed. For now.

Fig Bar! Our newfound true love!

The Things They Say (at 14)

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The Things They Say (A)

Mommy, Mommy!!

All seriousness, all gruff bluster…

“When I stared my eyes at pretzels….

I licked my chops!!!”

I stare at her uncomprehending…licked her chops? The quick flick of her tongue flashes across her lips.

She states- with great emphasis:

“Because I’m hungry!!!”

I throw my head back and laugh.

“Lick my chops!”

The Things They Say.

The Things They Say

This is from the summer…9 months ago. It has waited in my drafts. As we hail spring into summer- I am delighted to share and remember this delicous memory. 🙂

To my precious friend who was there… a wee bit of creative license with this story to try to capture the delight I found in it.. 🙂 To my dear North Carolinian friends- you know all the wildlife(and more!) is true.

We were having a swim at a friend’s house and to our overflowing delight, there were sticky little tree frogs everywhere. This was such a grace gift to our family- we love the creatures of the wild and it felt like a North Carolinian balm to our hearts. We were always exploring the skinks, the toads, the hummingbirds, the Swallowtails, the Monarchs on our Carolina mountain. Not so much the snakes.

The children were enjoying the frogs so much. There were many squeals and delight…

and one son said, “I have an antique one!” I thought nothing of this… thinking perhaps the markings were indeed antiquated in appearance when a sibling quickly interpreted:

“You mean unique! A unique one!” and that was, indeed, what he meant.

“Antique” -The Things They Say. Grin.






The Things They Say (and do)

I am bustling in the kitchen.
I am spouting off words of great determination and angst. Words about cleaning the house and trying to get things back to order.
I glance into the sink and spy pieces!! of pizza bread now soaked with water. Pizza that was left on little girl plates.

I cry out in loud consternation: “Who put pizza in the sink?”
I am shocked and alarmed by the soggy disarray before my eyes.

Micah is putting away food. Abi is wiping counters. Jonah and Joshua (the ones who I specifically asked to clear the suspect plates) are in the family room as are two small girls who are trying to settle for rests.

Everyone is all denial.

I remember I asked Jonah to clear the plates. Abi and Micah are adamant that it was not them (after they simultaneously accuse one another.)

Abi wipes hard and efficiently across the counter.


We look to Jonah.

He is all denial. “I put the plates on the counter!” he declares.

Then- Abi:

“No, you didn’t.”

Then she mutters:

“You are going through rough patch lately.”

She looks at him across the room with graceful practicality. She utters it with great truth and understanding, And she’s right. His head was somewhere else- as it has been often lately.

We all erupt in cascades of laughter.

However, after the uproar-

and everything settles-

we learn the culprit was really Joshua!!! (under the guise of “Jonah told me to do it!”) Jonah told him to clear the plates. Something he does not often do in this particular setting and he just cleared them right to the sink- food and all. It was an honest mistake because he has been told again and again not to put plates on the counter due to a recurring, everlasting ant problem we have in this house.

The Things They Say. Rough patch, indeed.

P.S. Apparently Jonah has been told this one too many times and we will all be exercising consideration and grace by choosing not to speak of this and tell him he is going through a rough patch. However, I loved the grace, comraderie, and understanding my crew extended to each other in this. And I never want to forget the laugh the bubbled through us all. Together.  Because, my girl, she just laid it down with such rock solid insight.

It is her: The Things They Say.

Leviticus 21; Psalm 26; Psalm 27; Ecclesiastes 4; 1 Timothy 6

The pierce of trial quickens my sensitivity to God and His truth.  I find my heart lanced and hurting and I struggle to fight bitterness. It leaves its own, marked taste in my mouth. Yet, what can compare to the sweetness of Christ- drawing my heart and quickening life unto me in desperate times? How grateful I am for the staying, strengthening Hand of God!

Psalm 26:

But as for me, I shall walk in my integrity;
redeem me, and be gracious to me.
12 My foot stands on level ground;
in the great assembly I will bless the Lord. (ESV)


In a present difficulty, I have determined to do what I know is right, regardless what others do or say. (From 24 Family Ways- Way #21) And in God’s sovereign grace, our family just happened to be spending the week in this Way when it was so very appropriate for me.

“I shall walk in my integrity; redeem me, and be gracious to me.”

Read the rest at : 66books where you can find me today! 

Endless Gifts

Pain Medicine

A terrible earache(mine) causing serious re-evaluation

Two twin heads with bows pressed jauntily askew in corresponding colors-

O! the look of the bow head band strung up in hair by small ones. I watch them run in the yard.

Cupcakes. The Language of Love.

Violets in their small hands, sun on the face, dandelion posy

The Sound of Music and its (to me) comfort when I am so weary and sick

A new So-Delicious treat. These were so yum and caused a tall son to tell me I was really rocking it in the dessert arena lately.  Grin.

This blog and the 100 Chart Save (snicker)

A visit from Mom/Ama and O! the fig bar and snack joy!! And, she really liked No Whey chocolates and that is saying something! And her new puppy and our love and glee. Even though I felt too tired and sick to pet her… the children adored her.

Chicken Soup. Again, again. Have you ever heard of dropping eggs into boiling chicken soup? It is the absolute, nourishing best and a tradition from childhood. Even better when the eggs come from my Mom’s well-nourished chickens!

Friends who email and pray for me from afar

A Church Rhythm and sweet conversation

Fig Bar Provisions (this deserves two lines notated 🙂 )

Garlic/Willow Ear Drops and Amazon Prime

gracelaced  art

My Big Van

Making it twelve hours without needing ibuprofen/acetaminophen

A mowed yard, a mulched bed

all the smiles at a flute lesson

observing a ballet class

Faces around a candlelit table and their unanimous “chocolate!” as we plan going forward with some new Lenten/Easter Traditions

This day by day Holy Week series from

Looking toward a 17th birthday… in just days


8 more days…

Endless Gifts