Singing Scripture

Singing Scripture

Psalm 119:130

Romans 10:8

Colossians 3:16

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed attending the Smoky Mountain Crisis Pregnancy Banquet. While there, I was privileged to hear Pam Tebow. What an amazing woman of encouraging faith! There were so many gems from that night- but one that I took away and immediately began to apply was what I term: “Singing Scripture.” Throughout her talk, Mrs. Tebow would break into songs of Scripture verses- obviously so well known- they were on the tip of her tongue: “”in her mind, on her heart.”

She specifically mentioned how she used this to instill Scripture in her children- intentionally, over their years in her home. Mrs. Tebow really spoke of the power and importance of building this Scriptural inheritance into our children.

So- I began picking a verse and setting it to my own tune, and singing it with my children. We are enjoying this so much and my two year old frequently “breaks into song” with the Scripture verse and my oldest son confessed how the songs play through his mind throughout the day.

We are “singing” Psalm 46:10 and Ephesians 6:10-13 right now. We love it.

The Things They Say

The Things They Say
Strong Seven.

“Mommy, she always says when you cool down-your heartbeat will slow down to a slower rate. But I always feel my heart- and it beats just as fast as ever. Mine doesn’t slow down, Mommy.”

While “walking” to an exercise movie, commenting over his shoulder to me. The walking pace changes. It is “supposed” to be the cool down. He has his hand on his heart. A puzzled look on his face. It’s just not true, you know. He’s been “testing” it every day.

The Things They Say

Endless Gifts

Endless Gifts

86.)A coffee drink (that I can make myself in my own house) with French Vanilla Coconut Creamer, Soy Whip, and Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips sprinkled lavishly in the tucks of cream

87.)Velvet Pansy faces set to dwell in their sweet red-black beds. I love these pansies. I love the thought of their fresh faces shining through the fall and winter. We place about 21 pansies- and I realize- I am a perennial girl at heart. I really am. Especially in this season(family- school-at-home, etc.). I am all for the beauty you lay down once- and it rises, and rises, and KEEPS ON rising.

88.)Little Boy filling and refilling buckets of topsoil for me. Happily.

89.)Todd- who, without complaint, and without grudging- works to help me flesh out my idea of beauty into our ground. Otherwise known as- he provides the manpower, digs the holes, hauls the dirt, and in general helps with all manual labor. 😉

90.)Autumn Work Days around our home. Autumn just brings that rhythm for us- much more than Spring. I think in Spring- we are just-recovering. Digging out… restoring. In the fall, we are refreshed- we are ready and we make inroads around our house. Our best projects have been in Fall.

91.)Rose aroma wafting when Little Boy and Little Girl seek to pick fragrant blooms- the scent rises.

92.)A dear friend who took pictures for us in fabulous fall weather

93.)Exercise. I am thankful to be able to move. I really am.

94.)A “whopper” toad hopping around my porch, eliciting laughs and whoops and hollers… our biggest one yet.
And the cries of, “Mommy- Mommy- I caught a whopper!!”

95.) 6 crimson/white columbine are on their way and I wait eager. Precious memories of another garden- where I admired and felt velvet petals of sweet columbine…happy am I to plant this perennial here. And how I love to browse that Burpee website! I have visions of blueberry plants and more…daffodils swirling for next year. They sell 100 days of daffodils and we planted them last fall- and we were rewarded in the Spring. Beauty.

96.)Children who easily forgive their sinful Mommy.

97.)Beef Enchiladas, and Green Leaf Salad with Crushed Garlic, and an Orange Chocolate swirled cake that I have never made before and was delicious! Making something new, and it is a success, and it makes us happy.

98.)Children rosy from running our land.

99.)Tall Son and Strong Seven have conquered our road and they can bike from the Pump House down to our House. No small feat. Tenderheart runs on foot- hesitant- after two hazardous encounters on our property. I don’t blame him. Not one bit. Nothing like seeing the red helmet of your son- speed down a mountain- and JUST KEEP GOING…
Thankfully “our desert” rescued the day… but not without a few heart stopping moments. I think for both of us.

100.)Listening to my boys play piano. They are coming along and Tenderheart can play Silent Night so well when last year- it was such a struggle. The joy of progress.

101.)The press of sweet two year old cheek against mine.

102.)Biscuits and honey, and fruit salad, and egg pie. And everyone raves- “This is the most delicious dinner.” And I am just happy to get something on the table- and quickly.

103.)Tall Son and Little Boy- backs toward me, blue shirts, hold hands in the parking lot(my instructions to keep Little Boy out of traffic). These two look so much like each other. Similar to how Tenderheart and Strong Seven resemble each other. But the age difference brings a sweetness to the 10 and 4 year old height. I tried to snap a picture with my phone- but the moment left before I could grasp it.

104.)Little One asks for a juice cup and then asks me to “make one for Jonah too.” All on his own- he thinks of his friend.

105.)Mountains hugging thick rivulets of white clouds on a rainy day. Air is heavy and wet-full. Colored arms cloak selves in gauzy white woven in and out.

holy experience

From Sunday

We haven’t had a “Sweet Sunday” in what feels like forever… today was a rush of church and pictures and planting and dinner and grocery shopping and a mad swipe at some chores. We had roast, and mashed potatoes, and salad and everyone loved it… but it was late and far from relaxed.

And yesterday was a famous Todd breakfast, and some deep talks, and Pumpkinfest, piano make-up, and hair cuts. Crowned with family fun night, pizza and popcorn. And crash. I am in bed.

Deep breath.

So many thoughts swirl round my head for our house. They swirl with no resting. It is patience and the slow crawl forward for us… but I keep a little log of my thoughts and hopes.

The week ahead is chock full busy and I hope I can be tuned in to Grace and His Endless Gifts. I seem to find this in those quiet, still moments when I pause to listen inwardly and really see outwardly.

Georgia Autumn

Here is a blog entry I read


I created my Autumn Beauty Entry.


In a way, I am glad I read it after…

Sometimes it is hard to dare to
at all
in the face of the great writers of the ages.

Who can carve words like Keats or Bronte or Blake or…

And yet-
just like them-
in me too-
there is the welling need
try, try
write the beauty.

Beautiful pictures, beautiful writing, and beautiful quotes from the great ones.

I am not alone.

The Things They Say: Little Girl

She stands next to me. Talking.
Small form straight, tight bundle of energy.
I hear her- not. Intent on other things.
I am sitting- watching a video with other children- waiting for it to end.

Suddenly- her voice breaks in, arrests me,
electrifies me.

What did she just say?

“What do they do when the T.V. is turned off, Mommy. What do they do? I have wondered this for YEARS.”
She is all of six years high and the powerful inflection just puts ages into her wonderment.

I think, how can this girl have wondered something like this for years and I am so clueles.
She is like a deep still lake. Much goes on deep inside deep down in the stillness- but the surface barely ripples
and I can often “read it not.”

“What?” I ask. The chuckle is rising…

“What do they do… like what does Clifford do when you turn the T.V. off, what do the walking ladies do? (who are walking on the exercise movie.)”

I throw back my head and laugh. My laugh fills the room. My girl grins. She wonders. But she really wants to know.

My girl… she thinks it is “real time” and when the movie is “turned off” life is still going on for the people on the screen. And what ARE they doing?

I pull her into my lap and kiss her sweet head. She knows she said something funny. She knows my laugh is good. But she is still pondering with all childhood bewilderment.

I botch it hopelessly as I try to answer her question.
How would you?

The Things They Say.

Autumn Beauty

Linking to three blog entries with glorious Autumn beauty…
One- Autumn in New England,

One Autumn in Canada

One – Autumn right here in the Smokies.

I can’t say that we have the “corner” on this beauty- although I admit- I sometimes think we do!
The other posts prove me wrong.
The display of color is a feast for all eyes- whether weary, grave, joy-lit, fearful, hopeful…
there is solace and comfort and glory in the flaming tree-life.
We step outside and drink deep the crisp, cooling air. Come in wind-kissed and ruffled.
There is a brisk freshness in the air, wind shaking, blowing everything bare.
Can it shake the
rumpled thoughts too?
And clear fog from my mind?
That everything might come
into stark perspective
like the darkened trees stretching naked arms to sky-
once all
has fallen.

Still now
hidden in the colored glory, clinging.
Carolina Autumn stretches out
beauty in long sunlit days- touched with chill,
bathed in showers,
shaken in the winds.
Rosebuds form tight in crisp landscape.
The colored season lingers long-
and for this I am grateful.

Dormant winter