Be Thou My Vision

Listening to my girl play this while she was recovering from a recent bout with pneumonia brought so much joy and gratitude to my heart. This was recorded 2.11. One of my very favorite, treasured hymns. She has struggled to create a good sound with this particular instrument…and to me, this hymn sings, with some of the best she has been able to produce.  The verse behind her head is Ephesians 5:19.

The Things They Say

A recent weekend night found me, in my bedroom, with my foot soaking in water. My three little girlies were all tucked in cozy. I was working my way through the bedtime routines I try to keep to… with moderate success.

Gathered around me was a small crowd of my children. One, was mightily upset.

He had been wholeheartedly enjoying a multi-player game with his brother and it was time to end it for the evening and head to bed.

He was vehemently protesting the injustice of this command (never mind that it was waxing very late indeed!) and loudly stating that only three of this whole family were yet in bed.

To which, his practical, gentle, and wise brother… two years his senior…pragmatically and forcefully! explained, “We’re the next line Josh! We’re the next line.”

I threw back my head and laughed. The next line indeed. And they were. It was that “line” that was gathered in my room- while the next  “line” was still “hanging” in the family room, I think with Dad. The first line, all tucked in bed.

The Things They Say.





The Things They Say

Overheard in my car today….

Twin B, who is decidedly the leader and organizer- to Twin A, who is the grand adventurer- while sitting side by side in car seats with stuffed toys in hand- playing a story as we drive along down the road:

“You wash the snowflake dishes and I’ll wash the rainbow dishes.”

Snowflake and Rainbow Dishes. My girls.

One of my sweet girlies is completely enamored with snowflakes. Our Christmas baking was all about snowflake cookies. And when I asked her where she got the idea to make such treats, she gravely responded, with her hand on her little chest, “From my heart.”

Snowflakes, have since, been featured in all sorts of play… as noted above.

The Things They Say.