Mentoring Motherhood

This page is a reprise of the post titled “First Things” that I wrote as I began the Mentoring Mondays endeavor in earnest. I am pinning it here for all who find themselves amidst these pages and posts.

I am so glad you are here.

I wave a shy hello and grin a slightly twisted smile- a forever remnant from a bout with Bells Palsy 17 years ago.  I am extraordinarily tired because it is April 19th and tax season ended yesterday, the 18th, on my 18th wedding anniversary. It will take me a bit to bounce back- but I am already gulping deep breaths of relief. Todd will be home to take children to music lessons tonight. My single-parenting tax season stint has found its end. Praise be.

I am writing this during Spring Break. It is chill today. Each day, fluctuating with the tempermental vivacity of Spring. Six of my younger children are running about a dandelion streaked yard. I have just been out on the deck to supervise some relational strife and determine all is well.  It is well… for now.

I want you to know:

Mama, wherever you find yourself: at home with littles, homeschooling, invested in the public school, driving to Christian school, developing a career, maintaining a side job,  you are welcome here.

The focus and angle of this blog endeavor, of Mentoring Mondays, and also of the books I will choose and blog through will always be: to invite a heart’s consideration of God’s priorities and to prayerfully consider how to align a life according to those values. It is not a one size fits all or “life must look this way” or even- this personal conviction is ‘the truth everyone should walk in…”- direction or focus.

It is a gentle call to walk with God as Mothers and to pursue His design in and through the many varied circumstances of life. Each woman has to  answer for her own heart before God and that will look differently for all. However, there is nothing like the joy and peace of resting assured before the Lord and having the impact of His power and grace fill a life.

It is my hope and intent to remain faithful to that call in my own life and circumstances. I have found it difficult to join and/or start a group in the past many years and I need accountability, processing, and deliberate application. I have chosen this avenue at this time at the insistent press of my heart. Join me?

Regardless of circumstances, the reality that children are a precious stewardship from the Lord is significant and true. Considering this truth, understanding it, and making choices in light of it- is transformative and important. Mothering is a life-long endeavor. It is a precious ministry. I need this reminder. Do you?

I try to be a single-eyed person, Lord willing, and over 13 years ago, now, I knew the Lord called me to homeschool… and over 18 years ago, I knew that my first ministry was my home and family.  Over 16 years ago or more, I knew I was called to a large family. I pray that by God’s grace I always stay true to His desire for me and His will.  Because I think that  what matters is our own authentic, faith walk and this integrity is key.  Forgive my lack of chronology here. 🙂

I share this to be forthright about the direction that my thoughts will flow from… And sharing this, I can be free to ponder and declare the powerful truths about Mothering in Christ that can transform a home and family- with you first knowing… you are free to “build your own life puzzle” in Christ and I am not telling you what that needs to look like!

Lord let there always be the mark of Your authentic life impressed upon my own and by Your grace keep me faithful in You.

Thanks for being here,