11 1/2 Months Old

This friday, 7/13, our beautiful, sweet twins turn one. One!!!

So, without further ado, here are photos at 11 “1/2” months… they are festive for the Fourth of July.

And here is a picture of the “big” Borger children getting ready for fireworks on the 4th of July!
(one child is not “featured” here… that would be Joshua.) 🙂

Pennsylvania Trip 2012

Pennsylvania Trip 2012

The drive stretches long and I don’t know how we make it- but we do- and I hunch over carseats feeding babies at rest areas. I try not to think about making it back- and somehow we do that, too.
And I, I too stressed to even take one picture. But I burn memories deep into my brain. Her beautiful kitchen, and their new house, and the ‘four in a bed’ and the pool crowded with cousins, and the babies’ playing in the playpen. The kids all sprawled out with a movie and Elsie in their midst. Laughter in the BN parking lot and date nights with Todd, and a successful sleep-over at my sister’s and him waving , us both with cell phones in hand, as he drives past me on 309. And more, and more, and more…
And so, … here they are:

*Wee Elsie, standing tall amidst the big kids, patting Sammy’s back, telling Ama to “tiss” her “hurt” (boo boo on the knee), feasting on pretzels
*Family Gathering Night. Great Food, Great Company, Adults gathered round table, kiddos up and down stairs. Mom, in her element, in the kitchen. She’s happy. There’s such an easy, homey flow and it feels just like my Grandma’s house at its very best. I bask.
*Agi and Abi, together.
*Jacob, up at the wee dawn hours, unknownst, to “beat” the Wii.
*Half-Price late night appetizers at Applebees. And again.
*Navigating Pep Boys and windshield wipers and eight kids all by myself.
*Missing him traveling.
*Josh, fearlessly taking on the diving board, and jumping off into the deep end- to Daddy.
*Four tucked into the futon. Little boys on the ends, “big” girls in the middle. Perfect Fit Four.
*Sipping mint tea , forearms pressed against the coolness of her counters. My sister’s home. Everything clean and lovely. And all the colors in every room. And her home feels just… just. like. Home. To me. A place where we belong. All the little touches and details and perfect coordination.
*Sammy and “the Bor-Gers” in his inimitable little Sammy voice and he and Josh play transformers for hours.
*How the landscape just stretches out long and green, that horizon just goes on and on. I see the gentle, rolling “mountains.” Everything straight and square.
*I drive from one end to the other. Northampton to North Wales. And I know it all.
*My brother (Ryan) and I, passing each other, on the same highway, rushing home with surprises for my mom. He coming from Baltimore (He is the surprise)- me a quick Quakertown Wal-mart jaunt (flowers, cards, etc). Arriving at the same time.
*Girls’ Nights.
*Seeing them, playing on their lawn. Joyful spreading out in their beautiful space. Blue, white, beautiful home. We enjoy dinner, and worship, and even capture the flag.
*Two weeks of travel and NO ONE, not one, got sick.
*Something almost every day. It feels overwhelming and some of it, we have never even talked about.
*Dinner with the Erk’s and I make the most messes ever. One twin even spits up all over a dollies head. Sigh.
*Abi and Maddie playing 18 inch dolls together. They had the best time.
*Rings resized. FOR FREE!!!
*Olive Garden and the four of us with Mom and Dad. Somehow, it felt too short. It was so nice. And we talk movies and life insurance, and spouses, and food.
*Late night talk with Amy and Colin. I think only the three of us could spend THAT much time talking about Lexile Reading Levels. (and looking books up and checking their levels…)
*Barnes and Noble night. And Amy is there. Such a great night. We rock the car with laughter.
*Seeing Jen, one last time, at Kohls on a Saturday. I, flabbergasted. I’m in PA!!!
*Trying to preview a movie with Todd at 2 a.m. THAT was a bad idea.
*The last day and the kids swimming all. day. And in the pool, then in the hot tub, then in the pool. All together. They make memories. The best.
*Talks with my mom.
*A new water pitcher with a lemon infuser.
*Lots of great meals around the big picnic table.
*Father’s Day brunch- and it was scrambled eggs, toast, fruit salad, platter of bacon, coffee cake, bite-sized wedged potatoes, coffee and hot tea. Great Food and lovely conversation. Ryan, Dad, Nathan, Todd, Amy, Walker cousins, mom, me, Borger cousins. A great memory.
*Five Guys and The Scoop. 😉
*Gumballs. O, those multitudes of gumballs!!! They hoard them in little baggies. O.My. We still have some in little baggies!!!!
*McDonald’s Mochas and they still sell cookies three for a dollar in PA. 🙂
*Maddie and Owen. Sweet cousins. And Maddie, so happy, with her very big family. 🙂
*The way Ama’s house smells… the little books for grandchildren tucked into different rooms, the ready and available food, the swimming and the yard, the space we sprawl out into. The pictures and the love. The stream-lined look decluttering has wrought. It is inspiring.
*Just being all together and even getting to talk to Debbie on the phone. Those family threads interconnecting and woven.

NC and PA, the hearts travel the highways.
There truly was so much goodness wrapped up in two weeks of time.