Happy New Year!!

Tonight, we feast, relax, hang-out, party, enjoy, love, laugh, and play. We celebrate!

Happy New Year!!!



Venison meatballs in a sweet soy sauce over white rice

Shrimp and (hot) cocktail sauce



Re-fried Bean Dip and Chips

Daiya Quesadillas


Chicken tenders, Nuggets

Steak Fries and Tater Tots

Broccoli Salad

Veggies and Special Sauce


For once, there are plenty! of left-overs to enjoy tomorrow. 🙂

Trusting the Lord in and for 2018. May you be blessed!



It’s about time for Catan!! Anyone else? 🙂



Christmas Endless Gifts

The College Application Season behind us for son number 1.

My delightful junior who is the next focus of my mind

Christmas Eve and Jingle Bells; It’s a Wonderful Life; and Shepherd’s Meal:

Potato Soup with Crumbled Bacon and Crusty Bread

Candles and Cookies

The Advent Book and Lift the Flap

their faces and their happiness


a Christmas realization ponderings

this devotional that just ministered to my heart on Christmas Day: Christ- the Greatest Gift.

A table prepared for me with candles and sweetness and savory, too

a smooth Christmas Day drive

fairy lights

Christmas with Ama and Grandad and Christmas week theater movies and littles round the table


the star of Bethlehem shining in the sky as I drive down 378 and reflections on a home-town

a fireside visit at a Panera- and seeing Orange Ginger Mint there!!!

a visit to Colin’s; a view and a cozy fire

a journal and a pen

~Endless Gifts- Christmas Week~











Merry Christmas!

Merry, merry Christmas!

I have learned this week- the week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of my favorites of the whole year. It is a slowing time, a pondering time, a time to reassess, recommit, reorganize, re-prioritize. It a blessed reprieve after the week before Christmas, which is one of my hardest weeks of the year. I am thinking long and hard this week.  I am filling a notebook with every random thought- in order to put it on paper where it can then be managed.

I am pondering my focus for Offerings in 2018. I have Mission of Motherhood posts to share, and I am committed more than ever to completing my study and sharing posts.

I am seeking the Lord because I need Him to release my {writing} voice. A tight strained hush has constrained me.

This space has always been an “ebenezer”… a space where I mark the Presence of God in my life and acknowledge my Journey in and with Him. It is also the space where I redeem the moments in my family- which is His grace gift to me (both the family and the space.)

It is still so, and I need it more than ever.

I have a post on 66books that published Christmas Day. You can find it here: 

With all the changes a fledging son brings, as I move fully into a season where all children are school age, as a face a new physical season where I require more personal tending and care, I want to stay in tune, present, aware, observant, and real “in this space.”

I am tossing around words like: tend, invest, renew as my One Word for 2018. I don’t think I have shared much in this space about such an endeavor. In the past, I have chosen Nourish and Freedom. Reading at the site I linked helps, I just discovered. I am still pondering.

It is still just a few days past the celebration of Christ’s birth…and the days are holy.

I am cupping these precious, newborn days. And, in minutes here and there, reflecting toward the New Year.

Love and Grace.


Christmas Eve 2017


Shepherd’s Meal: Potato Soup and Crusty Bread

Advent with candle glimmer and cookies

First season ever (and maybe last!) of Gingerbread house decoration

Maryland sky beauty- these days of December. Winter Solstice was especially glorious.

Traditional Peppermint Bark made by Nathanael and Asher

Blessed Christmas Eve!