The Things They Say

Storms break early over the house.

Severe weather is forecasted for throughout the day.

Little Boy comes down clutching his day clothes.

Bright red and brown.

I glance at the shirt.

“You picked a special “going out shirt.” I say to the little man. I urge him to go up and exchange his shirt.

He doesn’t want to exchange his shirt.

He musters up the courage, “I picked it because it’s a “power out” day.”  Excitement and anticipation glimmer in his eyes.

His purposeful choice is held in my hand, examining it to see if it really is a nice “going out” shirt.

It really is and he really is anticipating a dark house and loss of power.

Anticipation for a “power out” as only a five year old can experience it.

Bedecked in red, twinkling with excitement, flash lights a-ready…

The things they say (and do).