Endless Gifts


Golden Light

Texting teen-agers…Both, they text me and I text them…in point: texting my early riser at 6 a.m. when O, so sick. And he was there. And brought me water. So I could take fever reducing medicine.

Companionship of my teens


Making Pizza

Yellow tulips in early golden light, sage green tablecloth. Love Baskets. Easter.


My darlings, “playing a story” out in the yard, on the play set. They decorate everything they touch. They decorate my life with beauty, joy, and grace.

A soft blanket in the grass

the gentling hand of my Lord

Cleansing tears

Finding beauty outside my window, beauty in sunsets, golden light, bluebirds, autumn colors, spring blossoms. It is all there.


Spring rain, spring blossoms

the spin of my rings

the way he cooks ,laughs, cares, plays with our children

those who pray and the answers to those prayers

Panera on a Saturday morning at 8

Matt Maher on continuous play through the blue tooth speaker; the blue tooth speaker!


the night before Easter…

a conversation on the porch and hope for a new and better doctor


A basket full of Easter eggs for my loves

Reading about an Amish knitting circle, literature I love, and Scripture all in one during long days of sickness

Morning Meeting and incorporating more of the MP Enrichment guide; reading Wee Gillis and sharing life, bagpipes, Grandma, increasing air through woodwinds 🙂

Hot honey water

Hot Showers that ease coughs

Pu-Erh Tea

Candlelight on Sunday evenings and fellowship round the table

Hot Won-Ton Soup



-Counting gifts througha misted view, with a fist clutched heart-

1 John 1: 16 For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. 







The Night Before Easter…

Thank you, Lord, for the children who made several of our treats, helped me find our eggs, and gathered our baskets.

Thank you for the grace that undergirded this effort and for our yearly tradition of watching The Living Cross. How far we have come in this state from when we first began. Recognizing friends in this production we have watched since our very first Easter here.

Thank you most for Easter weekend and hope and life in You.

Praise be, You are risen. Risen indeed.



Honey Water

14590255593751319990854I am sitting here, recuperating, from the sickest I think I have ever been. 6 days in bed. With the worst cough imaginable…complete with my hustling to the bathroom for a steam shower at all times day and night.

(Influenza morphing into pneumonia. I think. I never was tested for influenza. I did have the x-ray for pneumonia.)

And one thing alone has helped so much: Honey Water.

More than mucinex max (ugh, I dislike suppressants), more than steam showers, and cough drops. A cup of this has helped so much. I hope it helps you, too.

1 – 2 TBS honey in 12 ounces (or so) hot water. Sip slowly.




Harry the Dirty Dog

Harry the Dirty Dog…with these two. Be still my heart.

The very first book in the series… the original Harry the Dirty Dog… has been in our family library for 16 years. Several years down the road… I think in mountain days when “the middle line” were small, I completed the series.

Walking by, during one of my many read alouds of this book  lately, my oldest son said, “That book has been a part of us for as long as I can remember…” This was said with great fondness on his part. And answered with equal fondness on mine.

Yes. Because, when my little girl came to me with this book, and I cuddled her next to me and began, “Harry was a black dog with white spots who liked everything…” that fondness flooded my heart too, the words were rolling out down memory lane. Beloved favorite book of our children.

Beloved gift of a precious great grand-mama.

And so I said, “Why yes, because it was given to us when you were a baby- from your great- grandmother, my Momsy.” A special collection, gifted to me. And I remembered that first nursery, with the classic pooh border round the ceiling, and the first little bookshelf stocked. And that book, along with Corduroy, Mike Mulligan, and so many others lined up in a promising row. Promises of richness that have been fulfilled abundantly and still continue.

I turned over the contents of a bookshelf or two- to find all the books so my girls  and I could relish them all.

There is just nothing like the soul satisfying delight of experiencing a child encountering wonder, so fresh and lively, in the thrall of such a book. Soapsuds flying, turning from a black dog with white spots back to a white dog with black spots… in the end, at rest, in the slanted golden light, with the scrub brush -peeking.

And in turn… I realize:

Something old…something new.

This year, I have made some delightful new memories with never before experienced books (to me) with my little girls…like Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb, and Ten Little Rubber Ducks. New to them and new to me and wonderful, rich memories…old and new.

O, blessed !



My baby girl is …..Three!


I paused for a bit in heart and mind… surrounding her birthday. It felt a bit surreal. This is the very first time I have ever had a three year old and not had a new baby or one on the way. The closest I have been on this road…was the year Joshua turned three and the twins were expected soon. I took some time to contemplate.

She had a lovely day. Full of sunshine, fun, gifts, delight.

Three things about my darling Norah- with one to grow.

1.) Favorite f00d- cupcakes and ketchup (not together 😉 )

2.) Favorite color- Purple

3.) Favorite toy- her answer: stuffed “bambis”- (my interpretation- her plush baby deer)

One to grow..

4.) Favorite song- every word of her answer- distinct: Jesus Loves Me

Blessed birthday sweet girl!


A young man in our house turned ten just as February almost turned March.

What a delight he is!

There were home-made cinnamon rolls to start his day! A special treat for 10! I usually make a quick and easy cinnamon roll biscuit on birthdays.


Ten Things plus 1 about Jonah

1.) His favorite color is yellow (sunny just like his temperament! 🙂 )

2.)His favorite breakfast is waffles

3.) His favorite food is cinnamon rolls

4.) His favorite drink is lemonade

5.) His favorite music is: Newsboys “Restart” and TobyMac’s “Me without You”

6.) His favorite book is Redwall

7.)His favorite instrument is viola

8.)His favorite time of year is Christmas

9.) His favorite hymn is Amazing Grace

10.) His favorite poem is Stopping by Woods on A Snowy Evening

11.) 0ne to grow! His favorite day of the week is: Sunday

Blessed birthday, my son!

Mom tip for Eye Patching with little ones

I thought I would share this helpful tip I discovered regarding eye patching little ones.

Our twins have to patch significantly. We still have not made it to the daily goal the doctor set before us. We have been down the road with patching- before. Our oldest girl patched for a season and it was much more trying for her because we didn’t have these helpful resources!  For her, we had orto pad stickers that would stick to her skin, get caught in her hair… ugh. Then we tried a “pirate-type” patch but the strap would slide down. Although, it was less trying in terms of her compliance and her need not be as severe than it has been for me trying to path with these two little twinnies.

Anyway- behold the Croakies Children’s Eyewear Retainer! This, coupled with this cloth eye patch that goes right over the glass lense  makes for a relatively pain-less patching experience. They find patching MUCH much more comfortable with the eyewear retainer.

In the fall, I discovered Croakies when I was shopping for soccer supplies. Two children with eye glasses needed to have their eye wear securely strapped to their head. During this season, patching was a struggle and little girls’ glasses kept sliding down and they would look up, over, and around their patch! I secured the glasses to their head with an extra eyewear retainer and everyone was so much happier!

I hope this tip helps someone!