The Things They Say: 3 year old Twin Edition

This account was narrated and then copied down by Nathanael. He observed this adorable scenario and recounted it to me with great enjoyment. It did cause me to pause a bit and ponder if I am too distracted- that I completely missed this and who knows how many other precious moments… so I am still pondering that and hoping I can get back into a better flow.

The twins are at the super fun stage of playing well together (for the most part). It is precious to watch them care for each other. They help each other on and off with their shoes- of their own accord. One will straighten the hair of the other. They “mother each” other a little. Aymee mothers a bit more. It is adorable. They love to play the Mama (or Mother) and the baby.


Here is a dialogue as recorded by Nathanael. They are playing together on the floor of our music/library room.

Aymee: I have chickens.

Mellie: Moo!!

Aymee: Not a Moo, a Chicken!

Mellie: Quack!

Aymee: Not a quack, eh– duck!, Chickens!

Mellie: Chick, chick, chick, chick!

Aymee: Good Job!

They play to be chickens together.

The Things They Say.


Playing Under The Lights

I have been having some trouble figuring out how to share photos from Google+. Todd and I have both been taking a lot of photos on our phones and then I have to figure out how to get them from two different accounts…and I don’t have it streamlined! So, this is my best effort for now. I do not have much time to copy and move photos around at this point. I hope to, eventually.

We have been very blessed to find ourselves right in the heart of a Christian athletic ministry and to be aligned with a local Christian school (who this ministry serves) through our oversight. Unite this with the fact that our state requires physical education for students kindergarten through high school and it is… serendipity.

As a note of explanation, three of our children played in a low key Christian soccer club this fall. It was a wonderful experience for them. They were in two different age groups. As an unexpected bonus, each age group got to play a little expo game during half-time(of the Christian high school’s game) on a Friday night. “Under the Lights!” It was very exciting for all. 🙂

Joshua’s age group was set to play on the first night. I settled him at the table and fed him (early) in preparation for this exciting event. I bustle around getting all ready and giving encouraging remarks about how exciting this all is. There he sits, so small against the expanse of our great table, eating peanut butter toast and apples slices. He knows he will feast on chicken nuggets (our traditional Friday night dinner) when he returns home. 🙂 And he is processing… it is becoming real to him. Then he says,

“Today is a big day!

‘Cause I’m playing under lights!!

In the NIGHT!!

which I have never done before!”

And of course, these fingers…typing here- can only hope to slightly capture the emphasis and intrigue with which he filled each word more than the last. So…just imagine a small boy, very very full of wonder and then… this parent’s heart fit full to burst as only love and goodness can contrive.

I do not have any good pictures of my other two that do not include a lot of other faces. I am careful to respect the privacy of others- so these photos of little Josh only will have to do… but Asher scored three goals during his half-time expo and enjoyed himself thoroughly. 🙂 Blessed.

You know you’ve trained them well….

We have a bout of sickness moving through our household this week. It started with our littlest girl and now 6 of our 9 children are afflicted… with daughter, age 10, showing signs this evening. Our littlest boy exhibited most dramatic symptoms this morning that landed him on the sick couch- where he has convalesced all day.

In the midst of some of the most intense moments toward noon-time today- I encountered what is featured in photo below. A face splitting grin stretched across my face.

I love this so much…(that would be a little hand sanitizer attached to his belt loop)

always prepared and ready to go! Getting ready to begin his Tuesday chores.

Love this kiddo so much. Those of you who know me well- know just how very apropos this is!

DSCN5640 DSCN5639 DSCN5638