Mini Update

I have several photo posts to upload- our internet has been horribly slow for almost a week now- I think. Therefore- I am not even going to try- but will wait til things speed up a bit- which I imagine will not be until after the mega storm blows through.

I began a poem the other day… jotted it in scribbled bits on the first spare paper scrap I could gather… never got to finish it and not even sure where my little scrap disappeared to…

This is one of my very favorite times of year- the trees almost entirely bare, the light streams golden, lit up by the remnants, still clinging… somehow the light illumines the bark… and the sky is cool, autumn blue- yet so bright. Every color pops… The glory holding on… just a few more left, these last few days before everything twirls down. And that was to be part of the essence of my poem- that captured me as I sat on the edge of my bed, glancing out a window at the woods, just finished with a baby and getting ready to move onto the next… The light, and the leaves, and the near nakedness, the golden allume (light lit up)…and how it captured me- somehow- in that still and sudden moment, the crispy freshness spices the air… such welcome relief from humid summer heat (although that has still been taunting this October at times)…somehow the color and the shape and the season seem to shine out brighter when all has…just… almost waned away…

I love it best- when most is down- just a few to cling… everything feels free and shaken somehow and just this golden glory that all too soon- will raise her arms and everything will just let go.

(and this poetic moment was just interrupted by an eleven year old eagerly showing me his most recent Lego Stop Motion Movie- Star Wars theme…just keepin’ it real… 😉 And I did, indeed, stop and listen eagerly even though I have no idea which character is which – for the most part.

And I almost lost this post due to internet connection issues- so I will save what else I had hoped to share for another day…


The Things They Say

The Things They Say:

Asher is practicing recorder in the homeschool room, early in the morning. The babies are awake and watching.

Joshua cries out, “Asher is fluting to the baby twins!!”

Then later on (a week or so later)… “what’s that? what’s that noise?” He is hearing recorder practice… “O, that’s just flutin’.”

Joshua has learned to say grace before our meals.
He says, “For what we are about to receive may the Lord thank us truly thankful.”
(For what we are about to receive may the Lord make us truly thankful…)

The Things They Say.