Endless Gifts- P.S.

When I scroll back all the photos on my phone from the last three months or so…

I find that they are filled, rich, with the goodness of lots of memories with cousins and family. Goodness that I cannot share on this  blog except in word alone- but marked in the heart none-the-less.

It is a new season indeed and

I am trying to find the balance (if there is such a thing) in the midst of lots of visiting, and older children launching in new and more directions as they enrich their lives on the path to adulthood.

Grace gifts.

Morning Meeting 2015.16

Morning Meeting 2015.16 is actually Tuesday afternoon this year. 🙂 I am still working out the rhythm. I wish we could meet more than once a week.

Morning Meeting 2015.2106

  • Announcements
  • Hymn Sing(new and review) and Prayer Requests
  • 24 Family Ways
  • Gratefulness Journal
  • Scripture Memory
  • Poetry Focus
  • Poetry Review
  • Compliments
  • Fine Art Appreciation
  • Composer Appreciation
  • Benediction/Blessing



  • Shakespeare Study
  • Apologia Devotional
  • Making Brothers and Sisters
  • Health Topic (Horizons)
  • Read Aloud

Poems for Focus Study:

The Wind by Robert Louis Stevenson

At The Zoo A.A. Milne

The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls Longfellow

The Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key

The Eagle Tennyson

Love (III) Herbert

Scripture Passages for Memorization:

Psalm 23

Colossians 1:9-23

Ephesians 6:10-18

Philippians 4:4-13

Endless Gifts

The days have been such a whirl and so jam-packed, pressed full. And the pressures also, have felt crushing at times. And I haven’t known what to make of myself, inside myself. Heads or Tails. Thoughts or Feelings. Directions, choices, pathways, peace.


But. I am grateful. And so… like water, tumbling in the overflow,

A new season of building more time with Todd. And the trying, trying, to lean into the grace of Jesus, His provision, His ordinance of my seasons and my days.

Meeting new women, who are “a word in due season”, and I, trying to learn and absorb as much as I can, a high school fellowship night and time with some moms.

the strength and wherewithal to get our whole family to church more regularly (this is due to unique, particular circumstances)

the music practice that streams through the rooms through the different hours of my day

waking up and sitting, hot coffee cupped, and Carol of the Bells on piano. And I, I feel so privileged sitting there

And yes, that really was my morning view- before his co-op high school classes began…

Junior Kindergarten with my girls. Memoria Press Curriculum as been an incredible blessing and grace gift unto me this year- already and we have only just begun. And I, I so nervous. But it is all good. So good.

Intentionally connecting with my teens, investing. I love the people they are, their sweet companionship, their sharp ideas

My first business trip with Todd. My mom, for being there so it could happen. And time to just be quiet and try to get my head on… after so many many years of being so immersed in little people, it is strange to be at this new place, and try to sense myself again. Even though I still have little people, the season is different. So different.

Studying Prima Latina with my younger/middle kids. Such a refreshing part of the morning! Who would have thought? Perhaps, I am finally, finally being true to my own self in our homeschool and experiencing the corresponding peace and grace, and the “yoke is easy, the burden is light.”

A homeschool co-op; for 10th grade right now….maybe more in future? Finally, a place that fits. It is sweet relief, great joy, and goodness.

Great memories with Todd this summer, birthday celebrations, New York City, an amazing concert, a week at my mom’s and an incredible time with my brother, and… in that vein, the precious ministry of a dear sister – friend and her sweet family that wove an eternal golden thread through my heart.

Her little face framed by a tiny violin. And the inherent finesse with which she manages it…at 2.

A hot coffee, a vanilla cupcake, and a gigantic Barnes and Nobles. Years ago, I found the atmosphere of BN healing and refreshing to my frazzled mother brain when I found myself there on a date night while two little babies just 18 months and 3 months old, were sleeping at home under the watchful eye of a babysitter. That healing still holds true to this day… as I walked away from a few hours spent in one on Friday and found myself clearer, straighter, and more settled and at peace in mind and soul.

Walking around my house, and getting back into all the routines, and finding all the evidences of my mom having been there… and my how I appreciate it!

My little flock of girlies and their feminine ways

-I will be marking grace gifts… 2015.16-


I almost titled this post… getting ready for 2015/16… but the truth is… we are ready and we have been ready and we are just about to ramp up to full throttle…full steam ahead. Our train is fueled, revved and ready to go!

Our new homeschool year is at hand.

It has been months of process, really. Planning. And we have been gradually moving back to school filled days over the last several weeks.

Tonight, I worked on my favorite, favorite part of our school year. Our Morning Meeting agenda.  I am still working on exactly when and how we are going to accomplish this…  I suspect it won’t actually be “in the morning” unless perhaps on Fridays- but I am not sure.

Over the past two weeks, I have been filling in our new grid– student by student. Last week was rough, and I actually radically changed our mornings. One day in on the new routine, and I felt like I made the best decision I have ever made with a school grid!

It’s time to begin again. Welcome to the new year!







when I have been away so long…

it is hard

to know how

to get back.

Come back.


(to which… I have to choose!)


crazily, spinning corner 

to illuminate




Just throw open

the door wide,

and say,

“Come in!

Come in!”

The kettle’s on.

The floor’s been swept.

There’s still a stack at the sink.

I’m still here.

Sometimes Gasping for breath.

Sometimes Breathing deep.

Reaching out.

Centering in.

I’m back.

I’m here.