Father’s Day Coffee Cake

I made this Coffee Cake for the first time at my Mom’s on Father’s Day. It is most definitely a treat- as it is full of white flour and sugar!!! Our family delights in special, once a year, recipes- and this one definitely meets that criteria! It is totally yum and a once a year (or so) delight… somewhat like my Cinnamon Roll recipe.

I take a secret, inner delight in the knowledge that the recipe came from Southern Cooking!!! (tee hee).

Here is the original recipe

Here it is “super-sized” for a large family and/or gathering. I did tweak it just a bit.
The larger recipe fits very nicely in two 9 by 13 casserole dishes. How do I know? I just recreated this for my family as we try to get back into the swing of regular life and deal with a sparse refrigerator.

I hope you enjoy this special treat. It is the first “real” coffee cake I have ever made and it truly is the real thing!

Father’s Day Coffee Cake

2 Cups Brown Sugar
1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Margarine
4 teaspoons Cinnamon
6 Cups Flour
10 Teaspoons Baking Powder
5 Eggs (beaten)
3 Cups Sugar
1 1/3 Cups Melted Margarine
2 Cups Rice Milk
4 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract
Mix Together Topping Ingredients in a small bowl.
Mix Flour and Baking Powder together. In Large bowl, mix beaten Eggs, Margarine, and Sugar. Beat well. Add Rice Milk and Vanilla. Stir in Flour and Mix Well.
Pour Batter into greased Pyrex dishes. Two 9 by 13s or one large and one small. Sprinkle crumb topping over top of batter. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until done.


Endless Gifts- Photo Edition

Endless Gifts- Photo Edition- 263-268

Getting Ready for A Field Trip to the Smoky Mountain Nat’l Park!

Hand-made afghans from my Auntie Amy! 🙂

After the performances!!!

Getting Ready For Piano Recital!

Micah and “Fur Elise” Piano Music which he performed at 4-H Entertains and at his recital

Twin Love! I tried three times to flip this photo!!

Family Fun Night!

The Things They Say

The Things They Say ( or rather- sing)

He sings… “melts the heart of stone… melts the heart of stone…”
Little boy voice chirps and swells…

I look at him. “Melts the heart of stone?” Grin wide.
“Who melts the heart of stone? Do you know who melts the heart of stone?”

“Jesus!” He replies immediately, whole-heartedly, unreservedly.

I pull him up, into my arms, into my hug. Smiles and happy laughter everywhere.

From the Hymn… Jesus Paid it All.

O, yes He did. He paid it all.
And O, thank You for melting hearts of stone.

The Things They Say

Endless Gifts May Into June

May blew by. So fast. Two birthdays and Well-visits every week along with “catching up” us all with various other doctor appts…like the dentist. Full of enrichment activities and a bit more travel than we have been used to, along with more visiting… and I have found myself swimming a bit-
with picking up a truly full school schedule and with so much more “extras”… I feel a bit lost inside.
I need to find the balance and the center in the midst and I need, need, need
these priorities:
Three Priorities for this Homeschooling Mom
1.) Personal Bible and Prayer Time
2.) Journal/Writing Time (Gratitude Journal)
3.) Exercise
(and if I wanted to throw a fourth in there… I would say coffee!! )
or- I am just not really living… really.
And, I especially feel sad and dried up- if I find myself overwhelmed in chorework and disputes and fatigue- rather than- cupping the days and living intentionally in Jesus. In His Light, Joy, and Love.

John 8:12
When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

…the Light of Life…

I feel almost foolish- just a little sheepish- because those three priorities often are just wishful thinking. And I am struggling with that- a bit, too.

I just recently read this post on the blog Preschoolers and Peace. I used to read this blog a lot. I have gotten away from it. This was actually from a link-up somewhere else. But-O, this was so encouraging.

Endless Gifts May Into June
234. Watching Praise Baby with my babies… and her little hand, grasps me. Love. My sweet babies. And I soak the worship and their sweetness.

235.Puddled color lighting up my bedspread, softest, gorgeousness
of hand-made afghans for my girls.
Heirlooms hand crafted by their great Aunt Amy, my own dear Aunt Amy.
The preciousness catches in my throat. Their vibrant color… their amazing softness. Endless Gifts…

236.A friend whose book list might actually outshine mine… and O! the joy of the kindred heart.

237.Jesus. My truly desperate need.

238.Piano playing again.

239.Baby Signing Time, and how they learn to sign, their little hands! Her fingers, so expressive-
And blondie- even a note of music in the air; she dances.

240.Baby Signing Time and the friend who sent it…total God thing.

241.Entering a season of a more established twin bed-time. More time. But, O, I miss the sweet nurslings. I struggle hard with the unexpected weaning.

242.Her kisses. Her kisses for her Ama, her kisses for me. Soft and baby wet. Love.

243.Productive school rhythm. Each student considered; satisfying. Making memories and Learning.

244.Our “new to us” erg…

245.Loving all things girl and “girliness” as I delight in two very , distinctly different, twins

246.Hummingbirds taking shelter during thunderstorms… and

247.Thunder rolling in and the wind blows wet and chill and we are not afraid. There is no tornado swirling in its midst.

248.Our chimes singing, singing

249.The “band of brothers” in my home and suddenly I ponder, O- how I want them to all be as iron sharpens iron… please Lord, let it be and show me what I can do to train and help this…

250.Plans. Plans, plans, plans.

251.Sweet, sweet card in the mail- and O, Lord, Thank You for all the people who took the time to share personal, heart-felt comfort and experiences with me. And I mist thinking…thinking.

252.Ama and Grandad being here, in this house, holding babies and lovin’ on grandkids. ❤ Inexpressible grace wrapped up in that visit.

253.Playing with *my* babies during free floor time in the evenings

254.Caribou with my three year old- so soon turning four Little Boy

255.He finally figured out how to manage the *big* potty!!!

256. Her sweet Melodee voice, little twirls and twists and lilts

257. Her little growly ways, deep little inimitable baby growl from the chest

258. Arms full of babies

259.Coming home from haircuts with Abi, and finding them on the porch, in their playpen, two li'l baby heads, two happy girls, watching all the boys wash the car, fresh air and sunshine in the shade.

260.Memorial Day feasting and dinner with a candle, music, and contrasting salad plates, ice, and napkins. Sparkly kitchen and all made from scratch… and kiddos off for a brief, fun sojourn at a dear friend's house (and creek) and home to shower and a home atmosphere I hope to cultivate more.

261.Renewed sweetness in Family Bible Time

262.Todd reading aloud to the kids. Reading Aloud Moody’s…and the laughter floating up the stairs…and the Moody’s become like real family friends…part of our conversations and providing real life pratical helps.

His Birthday, Her Birthday

Four on May 8th; Eight on May 9th.