A Moment of Grace…

I have been slowly working my way through this Bible Study: Thirty Days in Colossians 3

It has been a sweet blessing. I am currently at the day where you paraphrase Colossians 3. I have been taking my time with this lesson (day)and just focusing on one or two verses at a time and rewriting them. I plan to “sit” here until I feel its time to move on to the next day. I almost abandoned this study and went forward with other Bible Time things. I am glad I did not. Encouragement for moms like me, I am not even sure when I started this study. It was a long time ago. Little by little. Every small step is a worthwhile investment.

Anyway, in my car, I have this CD: The Word of God vol. 8 Seeds Family Worship

I turned it on as I was driving my ten year old to a hospital in another county for pneumonia and other testing.

And then. In the dark of the night. As we were driving home, this music was our accompaniment. The soundtrack of my thankfulness and relief, grace, and yes, my seeking heart. Abundance. Driving home.  Blood work looked very good. Chest xray clearly showed pneumonia. No mystery revealed. He is still very sick and I am still stunned right open and pinned by the headlights of life. And trying… to roll so many cares on God. How do I roll?

And, these songs. Especially tracks 2 and 11 I was able to meditate ( chew, munch, mull over, ruminate) on all the deeper because I have, little by little, and very imperfectly, been spending time in Colossians 3. Lit up like gold in my heart and in my mind.

The dark of night. The wide road. The beat of praise. The heart of God.

All’s grace,



A Picture And 1000 Words

A picture is worth a 1000 words..or so…’they’ say.

I am a word girl. I can’t ever quite seem to grab in photo what imprints on this heart and mind. (But I try… and  O! I am going to keep on- especially since I was just so heart- inspired and pressed deep by a sweet friend’s words about photos and life and love- . So much pressed I am laying it here in ink.)

So this.

This girl. This get-up. It’s all her.

And I, well- lately, I’ve been immersed in a project that has me face to face with photos from 5-8 years ago.. and…little tousled blondie haired boys peer out at me from just a blink ago.

So, I blink,

and here she is. Red, crinkly tutu with golden sequins and trailing ribbon, toes peeking.

My heart.



Then and Now (my pansies…)

-Anne wanted to do a hundred things first…hug everybody…run out in the twilight and gather some of her pansies…you found pansies everywhere at Ingleside… – LM Montgomery in Anne of Ingleside

-Rilla was leaning out of her room window, dressed for the dance. A yellow pansy slipped from her hair and fell out over the sill like a falling star of gold. -LM Montgomery in Rilla of Ingleside

-Nobody can keep on being angry if she looks into the heart of a pansy for a little while…-LM Montgomery in Emily Climbs

And they are so lovely, velvet soft and glint golden colors, happy faces that seem to smile as they raise plucky little heads up and about. Such richness!


Patch of Pansies house-side in the mountains of North Carolina


Barrel of Pansies house-side in the suburbs in Maryland

“We are all responsible to keep a light burning in our souls and that beauty is one of the most profound fuels for that fire. Creating a beautiful environment and appreciating the joyful moments in the midst of a fallen, sad world not only nurtures the light in our souls but also helps give light to others.” Sally Clarkson in The Life Giving Home Experience (March chapter)

As I knelt beside that barrel with my precious second born son next to me, helping me, I felt a deep peace and soul satisfaction work its way down in through my soul. It was good. It is good. It is good to create space for beauty. I hope for more. And every day throughout this season and the next two… we will smile and care and notice and tend these sweet pansies.

Pansies transplanted in my heart.



My girl has found a love outside her windows. Of late, she can be found…hovering. Camera in hand. She is trying to capture. She spies squirrels and birds of all sorts. This spring, our hearts have rejoiced in some bluebirds that have found themselves comfortable about our yard. Beautiful, vibrant birds. I love these photos she took. They capture the intricate, beautiful bird and remind me of our love for these creatures and how we treasure God’s creation.


-photo credit- Abigaile


Micah turned 16 on April 12th… we celebrated with great joy that day and then again on coming Saturday with Dad… and will again- with a family and friends gathering in June. Sometimes having your birthday fall right in the heat heart of tax season has benefits. 🙂 How I love this son of mine.

Birthday Interview: 17 things about Micah

1.) His favorite color is Red

2.) His favorite breakfast is Oatmeal Bars

3.)His favorite dinner is Dad’s Pizza

4.)His favorite book: Chuck Black’s Wars of the Realm series

5.)His favorite holiday is Christmas

6.)His favorite birthday present: Movie Tickets  Suprise from his brother

7.) His favorite dessert is Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar

8.)His favorite school subject is History

9.)His favorite place he’s been- Washington D.C.

10.) His favorite hymn- Crown Him with Many Crowns

Micah Playing Crown Him at the Spring Recital

11.)Favorite Song- Real Love from Hillsong Young and Free

12.)Favorite Scripture Psalms 127:3-5

13.) Favorite musical instrument- Guitar

14.)Favorite day of the week- Friday

15) Something he is looking forward to…PGC Basketball Camp

16.)Favorite beverage- Cola

17.)One to grow- favorite movie- Beyond the Mask

Birthday Blessings Micah!!!