The Things They Say

The Things They Say: Strong 7
A squabble ensues. Hearts hurt. We mend.
We mend as best we can. Strong 7 rubs 4’s
Sorry’s echo round the room
We repair as best we can.
4’s got a little blue pony clenched
‘tween his legs as
he sits on the floor.
Tears clearing gradually from eyes-
I tell him to take blue pony down
to bed.
I am abruptly informed that this is not
blue pony….this is “bluey.”
4 gets up and
 takes toy down to bed
at my instruction.
7 stands strong. Arms clenched out…
brown eyes wide with feeling.
Voice earnest.
“I’ve been a thief and I can’t
give back my thieving.”
I am momentarily stunned by
this lingo…
then I am almost overwhelmed
with sweet laughter-
that I swallow back
and grab notebook
to record
this- sure to want to be
“I’ve been a thief and I can’t give back
my thieving. Long, long ago I
touched blue pony with peanut butter hands.
Very long ago…
(Note: Blue pony was given to 4 as a baby gift from the
children when he was born.
Second Note: The peanut butter hands occurred “years ago”
when 4 was a wee babe and also allergic to peanut
butter and I jolt to awareness because 4 just
just 100% thoroughly passed peanut butter
this weekend-
Aha! my mother’s mind starts
connecting wild dots here and there- peanut butter,
blue pony, thieving, no longer allergic to peanut butter,
angst, boys squabbling, blue horse suddenly named “bluey”…)
Words interject:
“Long, long ago I touched blue pony with peanut
butter hands. Then we got another one…”
(We gave the “other” one to little 4 (before) and 7 had
the original one in his bed ever since).
“I tried to give blue pony back. I tried. But he just won’t
accept her. “
Earnest eyes stare at me with sincere passion. Restitution
has not occurred. Conscience is troubled.
7 heads down stairs still muttering…
“He just won’t accept her.”
Tall Son happens by- at tail end of this dialogue…
or was it monologue…?
“I’d accept her!” he says brightly, loudly.
“No! It’s not yours. He just won’t accept her…”
Voices trail off down the stairs.
I’ve been a thief and I can’t give back my thieving.
The things they say.

Passion Hymns

This was my first attempt at capturing an image and linking it! 🙂

I am not too keen on the purple “outlined” box.  Hmmm… not sure how to remove that yet.

Our family really enjoys the Hymns for A Kid’s Heart series…

We will be playing these special Passion hymns this week at lunch time.


Easter Week


Easter Week Reflections
We have begun our Easter celebrations- starting today- Palm Sunday.
So- I am getting in the groove toward creating a meaningful and special holiday.
In the Spring, after cold, dormant winter-
life springs forth. 
Daffodils, tulips, crocus-
they spring forth from a bulb- buried
held deep
deep down
within the ground
and there is nothing
in the appearance of the bulb
to convince
of the beauty held within-
the beauty that will shine
against the
background of cold winter
as it fades into Spring.
For me, this is so symbolic
of the
quickening life
found in
Jesus Christ.
The power of His resurrection.
There was nothing in his appearance:
Isaiah 53:
 2 He grew up before him like a tender shoot,
       and like a root out of dry ground.
       He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, 
    nothing in his appearance that we should desire him
and the beauty
of what He accomplished
that dying…
is a glory
shining bright
against stark
background of
sin, fallen man, corrupting world… 
Jesus is our hope.
Like the
promise of Spring
Like the life
that springs forth in beauty
ugly, dead-looking
He is the Awakening in
hearts and lives
a small shadow
I see in part
as I watch
the awakening across
our land.
Brilliant colors and verdant
Life is
in Him.
2 Corinthians 5
17Therefore, if anyone is(Y) in Christ, he is(Z) a new creation.[b](AA) The old has passed away; behold, the new has come!
During Easter, our family celebrates that the new has truly come!
The New Covenant… new life in Christ,
the indistinguishable light!
For our Easter Week-
We put up the Rembrandt art prints.
We are enjoying Resurrection Eggs,
with Benjamin’s Box and
He is Alive by Helen Haidle (beautiful, wonderful book!).
I am attempting hot cross buns for Good Friday- without the currants…
We are having Resurrection Buns for Easter Morning.
I am hoping to fill some of our home with spring flowers for this special
We will have a special meal and are giving the children
chocolate and gifts to nurture their faith.
We will be making crafts from Oriental trading Company this week, too.
 May everyone who comes this way have a blessed and rejoicing Easter-
~Grace todayRebecca


Homeschool Ponderings

Homeschooling Thoughts
We school year round and every so often I find myself
needing to take some time
and focus on where everyone is at with their school and routines…
tweaking as needed.
It has been that time for me…
The list began to get larger-
of those items that needed to be replaced or moved into the next level.
It was time to order some things.
Because I enjoy seeing others’ school choices and lists-
I thought I would list ours here.
I am feeling pretty peaceful (for the most part) with
how our school has formed itself.
Micah (9/10)
Math: Saxon 5/4 and Singapore Math 3A/3B. We are about halfway through Saxon and just about done 3A.
Saxon has gone very, very well for us this year. We also use the DIVE CD-ROM. Plus flashcards and Calculadder 2. Almost done
with Calculadder 2 and then we will move onto 3.
Writing: WWE 3, Literature Copybook, Classical Cursive: The Attributes of God; cursive practice through Heart of Dakota assignments
Reading: This was an area I have tweaked for Micah. He is an avid reader- but I wasn’t happy with this subject in his school line-up.  So- he is going to be reading the Heart of Dakota extension package and selected genres of literature. When he completes each book, he will write a summary or narration and illustrate it in a special copybook.  I might allow him to copy a select passage from the book and I might take dictation from him. I am pondering…
He also listens to audio books daily.
History/Science/Poetry: Heart of Dakota Preparing Hearts For His Glory
Art: Heart of Dakota and picture study
Music: Weekly piano lessons, family CD’s
Bible: Bible Reading Journal- Micah creates one sentence summaries for his daily reading and records it in a journal. Hero Tales IV. It is also woven through Preparing Hearts.
Grammar: Rod and Staff 3- moving to 4 by September.
Spelling: Building Spelling Skills book 2 moving to 3 by September and Spelling Wisdom dictation passages.  I might move Micah into the Preparing Hearts spelling dictation when he finishes Spelling Skills. Pondering…
Nate (8/9)

Math: Singapore 2A/2B. Calculadder 1, flashcards. Nate is just about ready to begin the 2B book. We will begin Saxon 5/4 in the fall.
Writing: WWE 1 moving to 2 within a week or so. Copybook.  Cheerful Cursive.
Reading: Oral Reading (Christian Light Reader 4); Personal Reading (1 chapter selected book in a.m. and 1 chapter selected book during quiet hours); Audio book. Nate has not been listening to audios very well- so I am hoping to establish a pattern for him with this.
Spelling: Heart of Dakota dictation passages
History/Science/Poetry: Preparing Hearts for His Glory
Art: Heart of Dakota, Picture Study; personal drawing
Music: Piano Lessons, family CD’s
Bible: Bible Chapter, Devotional (Little Visits with God-its on its way); Also woven through HOD
Grammar: Rod and Staff 2 moving to 3 by September.
Asher (6/7)
Math:Singapore 1A/1B.
Writing: Memoria Press Copybook 1 moving to 111 as soon as it arrives!
Reading: Oral Reading(his choice- right now Thomas the Tank Engine Collection by Awdry). Personal Reading(1 chapter in a.m. and 1 chapter during quiet hours), Audio book during quiet hours. Asher prefers to read a book along with his audio book. This has been really good for him.
History/Science/Art/Poetry: Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory; picture study
Bible: ESV Family Bible (Illustrated Bible Stories), Five Minute Devotions; Also woven through HOD
Grammar: First Language Lessons 1/2
Abigaile (5/6)
Reading: The Reading Lesson, Picture Book Audios
Math: Liberty K; Earlybird 2b activity book
Writing: Handwriting K moving to Copybook 1
Preschool workbooks: Rod and Staff
Little Hands to Heaven
Read Aloud Literature by Me
Vos Child Story Bible at bedtime
Jonah (3/4)
Little Hands To Heaven
Preschool workbooks (About 3 series)
Read Aloud Literature by Me
Vos Child Story Bible at bedtime
Joshua (1/2)
Getting ready to start the 2 reading list. 🙂

Micah’s Ode to Thorin Oakenshield

Warning- this contains a “spoiler” about the book The Hobbit.

This piece is original writing by our son at age 9. Written shortly before we completed reading  The Hobbit together. A delicious adventure.

For  Thorin Oakenshield, a poem for his grave
Here a warrior sleeps in peace,
no more angered by petty goblins nor suspend in spider’s silk.
In battle, he fell,
fighting for his kingdom.
Not in vain did he seek, but, for him,
The happy hunting grounds.
For his kingdom and gold he sought,
but now,
he lives with the dead.
In the hall of glory until the world is renewed.
So we must not weep
though Thorin Oakenshield is dead,
his memory we’ll keep.
For we know that he did not die in vain,
but, sought for the kingdom
stolen from him by the dragon
who was slain,
but, when the goblin lines advanced,
he struck out and fought.
But though surviving the battle,
he died of many wounds.
But though some tears were shed,
we must not grieve,
for he will always live in our memories.
But, for now,
Farewell Thorin Oakenshield,
for though you live in our memories
we shall not see thee,
until the renewing of the earth.
The End.

Happy We Are


and hot;
of pink,brown, white
ice cream…
oozing edges
up inside
I ‘member
long ago
my Dad
and waffle ice
Dorney Park.
Happy we are…
we here, in this house,
that waffles
are ours
cause I had a dream
of wafflemakers filled
and plates piled high
we are,
we are
all filled
grins wide.