66books today

Nathanael and I are recently and today at 66books!

Here (him):

2 Kings 9; 1 Timothy 6; Hosea 1; Psalm 119: 73-96
Then in haste every man of them took his garment and put it under him on the bare steps, and they blew the trumpet and proclaimed, “Jehu is king.” 2 Kings 9:13

and here (me)

2 King 12; Hosea 3; Hosea 4; Psalm 119:121-144; 2 Timothy 2

I just returned from a funeral and a brief foray spent at my childhood home. Some things become crystal clear:

Psalm 119:

127Therefore I love your commandments
above gold, above fine gold.
128 Therefore I consider all your precepts to be right;
I hate every false way. ESV

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Blessings on your Monday!


Quietly Here

I am still here.

A voice rising from a space of quiet darkness.

-where much has been happening-

Choosing to publish and refresh posts that have been sitting patiently

in my


and purposing to catch my breath

and capture this good life

in the shape of my words

and the frame of my lens.

This year has proven more demanding and challenging that

even I

could have expected or predicted…

with heads down and soul fortified

we are all

pressing on.

And I plan to rouse myself and light


round our table.

Their flame will flicker hope and goodness and beauty.


Love is a table


Hope is a door



is a hand in mine.






I cry

(just like I said, I really do)

this year

this senior year, launch year, goodbye year, hello year, one more year, essay year, test scores year, stretching, reaching, belly aching, hair pulling, memorize your face



even for me, hold it in, swallow it back, stand up straight, knock it out


seeping, weeping, trailing, leaking

(shhh…sometimes sobbing)

Birthing year, hurting year, hard year, grace year, hug you close, push away, watch

you fly.



I cry.

Endless Gifts- October

Slim side-wise grin of the moon, just in my view, and only from that one particular aspect ( I could only see it from exactly where I landed as I crawled into my van) and the way the gold light glimmered

Making dinner with wee rainbows all around me and its eggs and sausage, and dippy eggs and toast, and fruit all mixed with lemon crushed by my hands

and the way the rainbows fill the kitchen, glance off our skin, shine on the walls

Sprouted bread from Aldi toasty warm with spread

Sunday salad with red onion and cukes and greens and good seasons goodness

The way he stocks our pantry

3000 meters on the erg: again, again

Philosophy fragrances against my skin and their little voices, “Mommy, you smell delicious!”

Coconut Ice Cream and Ice Cream Sandwiches

Pumpkin bars and the promise of more as the squat can waits on my counter

Their happiness in October

The Admissions essay (am I thankful for this? I think it is the hardest thing I have ever encountered. Hard.)

Toast. And Hot Cocoa.

a (graduate) diploma in the mail. M. Tax.

The last soccer game under the lights

A food challenge saturated in prayer

October glory days, that sky, those clouds, that light…

the twirl of golden leaves

a needed pause to renew

a drape of fog weaving in and out of Pennsylvania mountains

A song from my high school years…just taking me back… and I take Todd back with me.

reconciliation and kindness

Endless Gifts in Photos

a degree hard-earned; a drive down a beautiful road-with chickens, a red barn, and a road named after me; Merry’s new coat; a red soccer shirt;them walking; my darlings: big and little; french toast and maple syrup; Fall Harvest Festival with Contempic and Lemonades for four littles; Todd and his grandparents; twinnies cuddled up; an Eagle Project Complete; all round Mom and Dad’s table; my butterfly girls; that Maryland sky; Jonah helping Mellie practice piano; Pennsylvania mountains and fog – and all I have to do is point it out to Todd and say: Miss.