Welcome to this blog!

I pray that it inspires and encourages!

The blog was birthed nestled in the mountains of North Carolina. We are now new transplants to the beautiful state of Maryland- still south of the Mason Dixon line, yet close enough North to feel like home.

I am a transplanted soul having left everything in the Northeast to create something new in the Southeast. After over six years of southern beauty, grace, and mountain culture- we are newborn Marylanders.

When I tried to put just one focus on this blog- I found it refused such narrow confines. I couldn’t be defined to just writing about homeschooling, or thankfulness, or… no. Poetry just gushed forth and I found I wanted to remember and treasure the things they(my children) say. And so- here it is. My offerings to you, dear reader, and to the Lord I love. It is my hope and prayer that something soul nourishing, something beautiful, something funny, something… worthy would be found here by you.

We have nine beautiful children learning at home.

I love the ministry the Lord has given me in my home with my family.

I am the wife of a CPA and that shapes my life, too.

“Children are not a choice that you make but rather a gift that you receive…” -Me

Thank you for stopping by,


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