Memorial Day Weekend 2011

We have had an unexpectedly adventurous Memorial Day Weekend.

We planned to move through our standardized testing this weekend- and indeed, we did get through some of it…but…
(we will be finishing next weekend)

Saturday night found me dealing with surprisingly strong contractions and little sleep. I dread the pain I experience when I get out of bed- so I chose that night to attempt to stay on the couch. I just couldn’t stand the thought of facing that pain… it wasn’t long before I realized contractions were waking me up on that couch. Ugh! A little reflection and I realized I was very, very dehydrated. So I began downing the water and monitoring the contractions… which then dissipated- but were still alarming. Sunday found me feeling very sick and exhausted. We decided I would basically be “bedrest” that day to get back to normal (knowing if this didn’t work- calling the doctor was the next step). Thankfully, this did indeed work- but shortly after Todd and the kids came home from church- our next unexpected scenario occurred. The kids were outside playing baseball while lunch was heating up. Asher was hit in the face(with a plastic bat) and chipped a tooth. A call to our pediatric dentist was in order. This led to Todd and our four older children taking a three hour round trip exursion to have his tooth capped. I must have sounded really “out of it” on the phone- for the dentist remarked to Todd(when he was there) if I was okay… which led to him sharing that I was eight months pregnant and he had been handling the injury- I was just placing the call. Dentist kindly asks, ‘So what are you having?” to which Todd replies “two girls”… ah! now he(dentist) understands…I was really out of it though. Not feeling good…

Last May- which I realized I didn’t blog about- found us in the emergency room three different times. Two children got stitches. First time ever for stitches in our family. I had been pondering that we seemed to leave May behind this year- unscathed. Ha! Still it has been mild, thank You, Lord. So- this year- a broken tooth is May’s token of remembrance. Thankfully it broke above the nerve line and he did great with the procedure. We love, love, love our dentists here. They are truly awesome- even if they are so far away. We usually just drive an hour… but after hours emergency- we had to go “to the city.” Just like Katy-No-Pocket. They have what we need in the city. (I digress…)

In true Borger fashion- we feasted today (Monday). Even though I am out of commission and still resting up to be strong for the week- a most delicious feast was prepared by Todd. The man cooks, he rubs feet with cream, he takes a three year old to the potty every half an hour, he brings ice and water to his wife, he coupon cuts and bargain grocery shops… wait, did I mention that he cooks. He really, really cooks well. He is bringing up sons after him, too, in this family way.

Memorial Day Dinner courtesy of Todd
Memorial Day Dessert courtesty of three oldest sons

Old Fashioned Hamburgers
Green leaf lettuce
Todd’s special home-made fries
Sauteed/stir fry broccoli
Fruit cocktail

Borger Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Remembering those who served…
particularly my very own Grandad and
PopPop John.

Special Book

A dear, beloved friend blessed our family with this baby book in celebration of our twin blessing:

Sweet, adorable book that soothes hearts and nurtures love.

Expecting twins being all new to us- I began to search for a picture book to share with my little ones to help us begin to welcome our very own twins. I found this one, with fun artwork by the same illustrator as the above book. We love it. It is fun and precious to read. Highly recommended for twins, families with twins, siblings of twins… 🙂

Baby Shower

A dear sweet friend hosted a twin baby shower for us at the end of April. Several girls worked together to make it truly delicious and special.
It was an amazing celebration of pink and she did an incredible job.
She is a digital scrapbooker and posted some pictures on her blog of what she did and how she did it.
See here for some beautiful pictures of a very special memory for our family.

I treasure the memories from this shower, the beautiful gifts, and the special photo/keepsake book they created. I love looking at the pictures of my little girlie green peas and waiting expectantly for the arrival of our very own pink peas in a pod.


Twins Update

Twins Update

I have enjoyed reading others’ blogs with twin info and I am sure I will enjoy rereading this in the future and for posterity- so I hereby commit to give a twin update.

(note- my first attempt at writing this was too full of discomfort- I edited!)

Our baby girls are doing well in the womb. I have a 34 week scan in a few days and am looking forward to seeing their growth and position. I am thankful to still be doing well- no bedrest. Just uncomfortable.

I am held captive by pain and discomfort. This is true. It helps to do small things, small tiny things, that feel normal and take my mind of myself and how immobile I feel.

My feet have taken on a new appearance all their own- never before seen.
It has been a season of all new physical sensations. In truth, pain and discomfort.

Little worries are stealing in and hovering.
Like the foxes in the vineyard…

I can barely stand to sit on this chair so I will close at this time.
Currently around 33 weeks 4 days/ 34 weeks.
Taking it one day at a time…

There And Back Again OR A Return to Blogging

There and Back Again or A Return To Blogging

I am back- I hope. Determined to blog a little at a time and not overwhelm myself with too many details.

Spun dust gold of days gone past

-little hands full of bouquet after bouquet of wildflowers for me
-my love who brings me wild daisies and we pair them with our crimson roses and they float in clear glass on a deep, darkling wood table
-sweet friends who care and celebrate pink, pink, pink with me. Pink?
-I wander into a local furniture store, hoping for a sale, land one, and land myself in a chocolate brown recliner. Bliss. Pure twin bliss. Who knew a chair could feel so good? Now I do.
-bouquet of mother’s day tulips in purple- surprised me by my love
-A slightly outraged five year old: up with the dawn, held captive by hummingbird after hummingbird finding our feeder, territorial flyers, battling each other. Little brother wakes up and shouts hello at him. Disregards his urgent whisper for quiet- and all the hummingbirds fly away. How he loved to watch, how he disapproved loud brother. Precious.
-lizards held captive in a giant blue bucket, one at time, on different days, they catch, they identify, it is the great chase. Some with blue bellies, some with stripes, and who can forget their very own lizard type that they have named “dirty face” because their little muzzles are always covered in mud.
-birthday celebrations
-an outgoing three year old fitted for eye glasses. He chats and grins and smiles with everyone.
-the month of May, almost ended, stressful month, happy I am to bid you adieu.
-my hair as long and thick and curly as long ago. And I remember a date long, long ago in the summer at a WaWa where we sat together on a stone wall… then stood, and my hair hung down, down, all the way down my back in one long brown curtain. It is that long again. The memories. The newness of that first summer and here we are 13 summers later. Held still in the goodness of grace and love.
-Heart of Dakota home school curriculum and how they all thrive.
-generosity of friends and family- too many to list all, three stacks of Pampers diapers lined up against our great room doors, car seats, and blankets, and gift cards, and bitty pink clothes
-darkling table with twelve, yes, TWELVE chairs.
-Grace in every way, every day. I need to open tight clenched fists and cup grace.

Isaiah 26:3 (Amplified Bible)
3You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind [both its inclination and its character] is stayed on You, because he commits himself to You, leans on You, and hopes confidently in You.