The Things They Say: Wee girls of mine

Driving in the deepest dark of night… its only 6:30 p.m. Nestled round the night sky come too soon. Every light, a beacon so bright… car lights, street lights, star light… the moon- bright.

Little girls, eyes wide, seeking stars… seeking that glowing November Super-Moon

( watch out, loud audio at that link)

Dropping one big brother off and turning down to go get the other…

A little voice, catching glimpse of one large and glowing moon perfectly illuminated outside her car window:

“Is that the eye of God?” she asks, in quiet wondering. I startle deep, as I so often do with this one, the one who finds rainbows on the bottom of swimming pools and lit up in a sunlit patch of carpet.

I share some verses with my small girls about the eye of the Lord. I talk about the moon’s reflecting light. I think on different thoughts. They chatter.

“I love God!” says another. “He lit up the clouds all gold with His moon.” The light is spreading gold and deep in waves across the clouds encasing that glory moon.

It does look like one wild eye with some very bushy brows. It does look like one gold beacon of glory lighting the way home.

We talk about the Creator and they recite one after the other, thing after thing created.

Delighted. I in them and they in Him.

I cup the precious grains of sand, rough and beautiful, whisking through my fingers.

The Things They Say



Kindergarten and Preschool

I have shared about our Morning Table time and our twice weekly Meeting time.
Now, I will share some kindergarten and preschool resources we are using this year:

The day has two components- a morning academic time, and then a read aloud time.
For learning to read:
100 Easy Lessons, then(when finished) Explode the Code

For learning to write:
Memoria Press Alphabet Books, then(when finished) Copybook 1
Pencil grippers to help with the finger hold.

For Mathematics:
Rod and Staff Level 1

Resources at hand:
Finishing Memoria Press Junior K program:
this includes appropriate memorization, recitation, poetry, and literature (right now Officer Buckle and Gloria. Grin!)
Utilizing Sonlight 4/5 read alouds, Bible, Science. So many tender memories of using this with Jonah and Joshua. Grateful I get to travel this way again.
My beloved home library- including the Billy and Blaze series and the Katie and the… series by James Mayhew along with many other favorites.
Rod and Staff workbooks. (Such a blessing- teaching colors, fine motor skills, and so much more)

They also join in to Preschool on the days we work in that area.


Heart of Dakota’s Little Hands to Heaven alongside finishing Memoria Press Preschool.
The little series of 4 workbooks designed for 3 and 4 year olds. About Three, etc.

I have to say, I love Memoria Press. It is so soothing and beautiful. The routine every day brings peace and beauty. I love it and I love my little girl, bowing her head, reciting her memorized prayers and little poems with me.

My little girls can recite Baa Baa Black Sheep, Wee Willy Winkie, Jack and Jill, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Love.

All is grace,

The Things They Say

I am sitting on the floor in the family room. We are in a full out hustle to get the laundry all put away. Three little girls are folding towels like champs. I am impressed with their skill, accuracy, and speed. (I come to learn they have recently been under the tutelage of their Dad in this area.)

Then suddenly, little Aymee announces, loudly:

“One time, when you were going for a walk with Ms. Laney (yes, this is what she said! She got the name wrong in a delightful way and I changed spelling for privacy but too cute not to share!), Melodee made a mistake- (dramatic emphasis!)

“Melodee put the towels in the trash can!!!”

The trash can opens with a foot pedal. The drawer opens with a pull of the hand. I am trying to see the connection here. They are both located in the kitchen.

We are in the family room. Melodee is busily, at this very moment, putting kitchen towels away in the drawer- in the kitchen. She is coming quickly back to the work before us and says,

“Yes, I did.”

And then!

“I picked them out! And I didn’t wash my hands!”

This is said with dramatic emphasis- because they know how I feel about washing hands! Very important in our family. And they are very sure they are completely shocking me.

But! O But.. the next part of this tale…!

Every little girl is brimful of the effect this shock is having upon me. Every little girl is seeing a certain humor in this situation. Eyes bright, cheeks puffed. Tale told.

I am all, all astonishment! Complete astonishment. So then I gently ask,

“What did you do with those towels?”

“I picked them out and I put them in the drawer.”

O my.

So. We had a little chat about what to do should said children ever again accidentally make the mistake of putting towels in the trash can and that we should always WASH OUR HANDS!

Apparently, this was last week some time. So, we made it through all those towels- with no apparent ill effect. Thank You, Lord!

The Things They Say (and do!)

Twins Turn 5

My darlings turned 5 in July and my heart is so full, it overflows my eyes and trickles down my cheeks.Even now, when I try to write their birthday blog post!

I have so many memories and every year, when their birthday rolls around, I can’t help but remember the many weeks of pain and discomfort as they grew inside and we waited and waited. Making enchiladas for Todd’s birthday this year brought back so many memories as that was the meal we had the year they were due.

They had a chicken nugget dinner and they each chose their cake. They love the song Jesus Loves Me and Aymee will often break into the song, “Come Thou Fount” which is so interesting to me because that was the hymn I used to sing to all my babies as I rocked and rocked them.

A friend once said about their much longed for daughter: A dream is a wish your heart makes and you are my dream come true. This is exactly how I feel about my darlings. I remember the day I was driving down a windy road in North Carolina wondering/thinking that maybe my heart desire to have a daughter, a sister for my Abi and a little girl to name after my own beloved sister was just a wish of my own and not the will of God. The special key here is how much of a gift in life and in God my sister is to me.

And how astonished the day, I learned there were two, and then the day I learned they were girls! I remember standing outside our mini-van in Asheville- calling my mom, then my sister. Sharing the astonishing, amazing, wonderful news!

How grateful, beyond grateful I am to have them, to have gone through twin pregnancy safely, to have birthed them safely (first and only c-section), to have been able to nurse them successfully. And now, to begin kindergarten with them!

They are a dream of my heart come true and true to Himself, more than I could ever ask or imagine. Too full for words. So- photos!



Happy Birthday my darlings!

Ephesians 3:20-21

20 Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

The Things They Say- Twins

Potty Training. I am not good at it. Never more than now has this been apparent. I do chalk some of it to having so many different things- plates in the air if you will,… I was slightly better at it 10 years ago. Slightly.

Anyway, the other day…

I am hustling around to get my little girl on the potty…

I am getting ready to get her all set up with a little game, a cushion, and other comfort measures. Yes, I was. And said little girl is standing there- waiting somewhat patiently and with loud voice asking for this, for that.

Her twin (successfully potty trained for many months now)is on the outskirts of the scene. Dismay is traveling over her face. Her eyes are wide…she starts to protest- when….

from the twin “in training” loudly and emphatically-

“Melodee, you’re already growned up!”

“Growned up” twin effectively silenced.

The Things They Say

Endless Gifts


Red flowers, rain-misted; I have always loved the brilliant colors and starkness of branches against grey days, against twilight- falling, shining in the rain, flaming in the almost darkness

Hot “trimmy” tea; Pu-erh or Oolong with a bit of Great Lakes gelatin

My hand in his

Sunlight after So much Rain

How she spontaneously thanks me in her little voice… and kisses my cheek




Gathering round the table, everyone sharing, and how I suddenly realize how full and rich my days have been… so many good things. So hard to pick just one. (So I don’t!) Building richness each relationship at a time.


Their eager workbook requests and diligence


Stories, with her, tucked in my lap, under my chin… and O! how I need it,  how much I miss full arms. So, I pull them to me. Working toward rhythms that will enable me to tuck that sweet head more often. My sweet Melodee.



Just rocking, my little blondie girl. The day after a day when she just… really struggled. And when her tears began… again. I just scooped her up. Scooped her into my arms and we rocked-on the brown chair- where we rocked for hours and hours when she was so small… those first six months… my feet pounding the floor in a unrelenting rhythm… and I tucked her there, tucked round with her well worn pink blankie, and a wee little pink bunny clutched in her hand. I rubbed the bunny between the ears with my thumb. She loves the little things and the Mamas and the babies…And we rocked and I whispered to her of those days when she was small… and her heart was soothed… and mine was, too.





Answers to prayers…


The day I took a call at noon. The day I found out heart- safe news about the house and…that our children could get the bunny that they’ve saved for these last three years. How some of us cried with happiness and some of us shouted with glee and some of us high fived and fist bumped! How all through that day… and now forever… the whispers ripple down through…”We can get the bunny!” What a day!


Todd in the kitchen,  garlic in the air, sizzling pans on the stove, Matt Maher from the speaker

She shares her treasures with me… and I am so surprised by how much I am in them… little things we made together. She’s kept. For all these years.

The utter grace of a new friend… first friend I have ever had with my same personality type- and O! it almost feels like we commune rather than just share thoughts. Heart to heart. A sister in Christ. And so much to learn… so good.




Another sweet sister in Christ, who answered my cry for prayer email with comforting Scriptures that gripped round me in the darkness. And held me there.

How, even though my mind swirls round, and my heart rests unsteady… ultimately, I know I am circled round, underneath, above, round about, held together.

Psalm 91:4

He will cover you with his pinions,
    and under his wings you will find refuge;
    his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.

Deuteronomy 33:27

The eternal God is your dwelling place,[a]
    and underneath are the everlasting arms.[b]


Trusting and resting in God’s kindness to me in Christ Jesus.

Counting Grace Gifts,


Photo credits- myself and small children 🙂