School Plans for 2019

If you are someone who is overwhelmed by someone else’s “much,” just scroll on by as they say- I know I can be, so no worries. I actually always, always hesitate to ever write posts like this because it can all just be too much. The writing process is helpful for me though! As I was writing this, I realized several key details I need to attend to! So, onward and no hard feelings if this isn’t for you! 

On another note, it is now the next day and we are enroute to a brand-new college move-in day. Somehow, we are all loaded, and I know the fleeting completeness of us all together again.

I realized not everyone homeschools to college, and there are different paths to reach the same goal: sons and daughters reaching full potential in Christ; in life-

However, this is how we do it. My two high school students are respectively heading most likely to a four-year college and the other to start at community college based on their personal goals, potential, and needs- so that is my context! The best thing I can say is that I always plan with the end in mind- and even now am positioning my eighth and sixth grade sons for their futures.


Right now, as I type these words, Todd is heading home with a car full of our loves, bringing Tall Son back from a summer working at a Christian Retreat Center- and shuttling three siblings with him who all spent some hours together (with Todd) at Hershey Park.  What a day! Here at home, I cooked; we cleaned; Cookie Bar was baked by a young master for all to enjoy- but especially big brother; and I finalized homeschool planning.

The planning steps are involved, and planning begins months before the year begins- it is a process! However, in summer, I prepare Goal Sheets for our oversight. I attend oversight orientation and pay fees. I prepare a shopping list- or rather I tweak and perfect a list I have been curating for a good, long while-  and make purchase plans. I find resources and print documents. I prepare chore plans and meal plans. I create checklists and a schedule/daily flow. I review every out-sourced class and corresponding required texts and supplies/resources and make sure I have a plan to secure what is needed.

Little by little, piece by piece it falls into place.

It feels like a good time to share plans for 2019 as I balance on the cusp of college launch week(s).

Note: these plans are (somewhat) subject to change!

Junior (son):

Bible (Daily Scripture; Selected Readings (from Sonlight Core 300- Paul Little: Know What You Believe and Know Who You Believe along with selected C.S. Lewis texts)

Math: Honors Precalculus online with Liberty Tutorials (Foerster)

Science: Apologia Physics with Lab at co-op

History: Early Modern Great Books at co-op (Honors World History- Early Modern on the transcript)

Spanish 2 : Rosetta Stone (hopefully- he took Spanish 1 at The Potter’s School- not sure how this is all going to go- working on it!)

Technology: AP Computer Science A with Pennsylvania Homeschoolers

English: AP English Language with Debra Bell’s AIM Academy (Liliana Serbicki)

Fine Arts (half credit) : piano

Elective: Personal Finance with dear friends

and soccer, scouting

Sophomore (daughter):

Bible: still finalizing

Math: Algebra 2 at co-op

Elective Science/Study Skills: Health (first semester) Study Skills (second semester) with The Potter’s School

Combined English and History: US History and Literature at co-op

Additional English support: Wings to Soar Academy intervention programs: Infercabulary; Exact Path; Reading Plus

Foreign Language: Latin

Fine Arts/Phys Ed: Violin/Dance

Elective: Personal Finance with dear friends

Eighth Grade (son):

Bible, History, Literature, Science, English: Heart of Dakota finish Res- to-Ref/start Rev to Rev

Personal Reading

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise

Spelling: Phonetic Zoo

Math: Honors Algebra 1 with The Potter’s School

Music: Viola/Piano

Art: HOD/ and appreciation

Phys Ed: Tennis/Basketball, scouting

Sixth Grade (son):

Bible, History, Literature, Science, English: Heart of Dakota finish Res- to-Ref/start Rev to Rev

Personal Reading

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise

Typing: Mavis Beacon

Spelling: Phonetic Zoo

Math: Saxon 76

Music: Flute/Piano

Art: HOD/and appreciation; planning for some lessons as he has a special aptitude

Phys Ed: Tennis; hiking, scouting

Second/Third grade (daughter a):

Bible, History, Literature, Science: Ambleside Online Y2

Language Arts: The Good and the Beautiful; All About Spelling; Copybook

Math: The Good and the Beautiful

Art: Appreciation

Music: Cello/piano

Phy Ed: Dance

Second/Third grade (daughter b):

Bible, History, Literature, Science: Ambleside Online Y2

Language Arts: The Barton System; Copybook

Math: Right Start

Art: Appreciation

Music: Piano

Phys Ed: Dance

First Grade baby girl:

Bible, History, Literature, Science: Ambleside Online Y2

Language Arts: The Good and the Beautiful; Explode the Code; A Reason for Handwriting

Math: Horizons/ The Good and the Beautiful Level 1

Art: Appreciation

Music Violin/Piano

Phys Ed: Dance

What are your plans for 2019?




High School 2016

My high school students are moving forward: grades and 11 and 10 this year.

This year we have continued with an outside the home co-op learning experience for several subjects. Nathanael joined Micah there this year. I am very thankful for this opportunity and the way it has and continues to sharpen these older students of mine.

Micah and I have begun exploring college options and plans. Just recently, some things started to come more completely into focus for me and I am thankful. So far, we have not participated in community college dual enrollment- instead continuing to utilize co-op and our academic oversight through the local Christian school. Micah will graduate with the local Christian school, with the co-op (if we continue next year- which thus far, we are), and with us- who have schooled him since the day he was born. 🙂

One of the greatest challenges of high school, for me, is keeping up with everything- particularly the subjects I am guiding at home- not through co-op. It is very easy in this age bracket for things to slip by undone, not completed, forgotten, etc. Then there is the relationship aspect of working with young men and being teacher/Mom. It requires grace and patience. For everyone.

High school is composed of more than just the academic workload for each student. We choose extracurriculars thoughtfully and they participate in required service hours. They both are a tremendous help at home as well and I am blessed in my relationships with them.

11th grade:

Bible(at co-op and with me), Chemistry with Lab (Apologia with a fabulous tutor), Algebra 2(Teaching Textbooks), Spanish 1(Avencemos with tutor), Government and Economics(Notgrass), Great Books- Modern(English 11 with American Literature(Am lit with me) and History credit , the whole Great Books course at an academic co-op), Advanced Technology(created with Khan Academy).

10th grade:

Bible(at co-op and with me), Biology with Lab (Apologia with a fabulous tutor), Geometry(Teaching Textbooks), Great Books-Medieval (English 10 with British Literature(Brit Lit with me) and History Credit- at an academic co-op) with Notgrass World History text as an overview resource, Latin 1 (Visual Latin), Fine Arts Credit in Cello Studies and Performance

Bible Resources:

11th: John Piper’s A Peculiar Glory; Piper’s William Wilberforce; Evidence Not Seen; and co-op resources

10th: Eric Liddell biography: Pure Gold; Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret, Everyday Battles by Bob Schultz, co-op resources

British Literature: David Copperfield, Beowolf, Canterbury Tales, C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy, King Lear, Sir Gawain, Sense and Sensibility, Pilgrims Progress, L’Morte D’Arthur

American Literature: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, My Antonia, Billy Budd, The Scarlet Letter, Alhambra, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Old Man and the Sea, The Great Gatsby, Classic American Short Stories





Kindergarten and Preschool

I have shared about our Morning Table time and our twice weekly Meeting time.
Now, I will share some kindergarten and preschool resources we are using this year:

The day has two components- a morning academic time, and then a read aloud time.
For learning to read:
100 Easy Lessons, then(when finished) Explode the Code

For learning to write:
Memoria Press Alphabet Books, then(when finished) Copybook 1
Pencil grippers to help with the finger hold.

For Mathematics:
Rod and Staff Level 1

Resources at hand:
Finishing Memoria Press Junior K program:
this includes appropriate memorization, recitation, poetry, and literature (right now Officer Buckle and Gloria. Grin!)
Utilizing Sonlight 4/5 read alouds, Bible, Science. So many tender memories of using this with Jonah and Joshua. Grateful I get to travel this way again.
My beloved home library- including the Billy and Blaze series and the Katie and the… series by James Mayhew along with many other favorites.
Rod and Staff workbooks. (Such a blessing- teaching colors, fine motor skills, and so much more)

They also join in to Preschool on the days we work in that area.


Heart of Dakota’s Little Hands to Heaven alongside finishing Memoria Press Preschool.
The little series of 4 workbooks designed for 3 and 4 year olds. About Three, etc.

I have to say, I love Memoria Press. It is so soothing and beautiful. The routine every day brings peace and beauty. I love it and I love my little girl, bowing her head, reciting her memorized prayers and little poems with me.

My little girls can recite Baa Baa Black Sheep, Wee Willy Winkie, Jack and Jill, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Love.

All is grace,

Morning Table 2016.17 (Homeschool Snapshots)

Every morning

(Lord willing… there is always a day or two gone astray -real life here)

at breakfast, we meet around the table for 30 minutes or less.

We light candles.

We sing a hymn.

We read a Proverb that corresponds to the day or another choice of devotional material.

I pray for the children, our family, people we love, requests that have been given to me, etc.

Twice a week, my high school students miss this time but they are experiencing high school Bible at an outside of the home class. I miss them. I continue on.

2016/2017 resources


All Creatures of Our God and King, And Can It Be, Amazing Grace, Morning Has Broken, We Gather Together, Come Thou Fount, Praise to the Lord

Review Hymns: Lord of the Dance, This is My Father’s World


A Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos

Training Hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade (so so pleased with this! short, sweet, and mighty! Strong impact. Love!)

Morning Meeting 2016.2017 (Homeschool Snapshot)

Circle Time. This happens twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Sometimes called Morning Meeting. Sometimes called Afternoon Meeting.

Oftentimes, the most precious time of my week.

Every year, I print myself a little itinerary and I put it in the front of my binder with print-outs of the Scriptures and poems behind. I follow that itinerary doggedly. It is the flashlight shining on the thorny way, at times. It helps keep us moving along, which is needed! I also have benedictions/blessings printed out and placed in there for me to choose from as well as a Scripture prayer I pray over the children at the close of each meeting. I also try to have a sweet treat ready to elevate this gathering and generate anticipation!

Here’s what we are doing this year:


Hymn Sing/Prayer Requests

Scripture Memory

24 Family Ways

Gratitude Journal

Poetry Focus

Poetry Review/IEW Poetry (learning level 2 this year)



Literature Study on Tues/Shakespeare on Fri

Fine Art Appreciation

Composer Appreciation

Prayer & Benediction

* our Scriptures

Psalm 100, Psalm 1, 1 John 3, Phillipians 4:4-13

*our potential hymns

Old Rugged Cross, Fairest Lord Jesus, This Is My Father’s World, A Mighty Fortress, Christmas Hymns

Breakfast Hymns: All Creatures of Our God and King, And Can It Be, Amazing Grace, Morning Has Broken, We Gather Together, Come Thou Fount, Praise to the Lord

*our poems

September Midnight by Sara Teasdale, God’s Grandeur by Gerald Manly Hopkins, A Bird Came Down The Walk by Emily Dickinson, Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost, Children, It’s Spring by Mary Oliver, Autumn by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,Artillery by George Herbert,The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry, The Smile by William Blake, The Coming by R.S. Thomas

Poems for Review: If, The Eagle, A Psalm of Life, Tyger, The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls, The Children’s Hour, Bicycle Ride, Weathers, Crossing the Bar, Gratefulnesse, Hope is the thing with feathers, Stopping by Woods, Two Roads Diverged in a Wood, The Wind; IEW Level 1 Poetry

Are you having a circle time/meeting time this year? Has it blessed your school? Do you include any rituals to invite beauty, life, and grace? I am thinking about some fresh rituals for our routine.