She’s Five

My darling turned five today (3.8) and this post is for her, not for me, although I so desperately want to write the post that is for me- the one that reflects on the reality of leaving the preschool years behind (for now… what hopeful words those are….for now) and the heart full and mind overwhelming stage I find myself in. How is it that you can look back on your own self with such nostalgia? But I do.

But for her… this day…


was full of three, small chirping girlies….

-and there was one who struggled a bit to find happiness in her sister’s special day. After a personal struggle, she managed to turn it around- I am grateful to say- and it is noteworthy- because said girl recognized it, reflected on it, and remarked on her turn-around later (during the cookie party).  She chose what was good. I am so glad.


It was full of a slow, unfolding delight.


Special Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll Biscuits, Scrambled Eggs, Berries


Birthday song and Pictures


Her choice of hymn: Go Tell It On The Mountain

A stab at a birthday poem: we settled for Now We Are Six.

It wasn’t quite …but we made do.

A blessing.


A birthday gift (or two)


Long hours at play


The start of a new chapter book at rest time- and what SOLID delight to begin Misty of Chincoteague!


A whirlwind spin outside in the cold (for them, not me)


Everyone- all of us (minus Todd) home all. day.  All day.  I don’t think I fully realized this until now, and I certainly didn’t make the most of this. But, now, in this moment- I realize.


A drive out to Boy Scouts and four I love playing “I Spy” all the way home…


Her dinner: Hot dogs and rolls, chips, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, special sauce, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Lemonade.


A bubble bath (with jets that somehow ramped the experience up to the best day of the whole year! and rocketed me into best Mommy position!)


Tiny painted toes


A Cookie Celebration Party and Lemonade in blue polka dot tea cups


The Promise of a Family Party on Sunday with Gifts, and Cake, and Pizza, and Popcorn.




She’s Five.




Someone’s Two!

Our little one turned two! We had a wonderful day celebrating and enjoying her!

She is a precious gift. She is getting so big and O! the feminine ways she has! along with her sisters. And today, she said sisters. 🙂 There is a definite, delicate femininity brought to our household through our little girls that I treasure. Also strong emotions!

It is such a joy to watch them grow.


She enjoyed her birthday dinner comprised of:

steamed broccoli (her favorite), french fries, fish sticks, and ketchup. We also had popcorn and soft pretzels for bigger kids.

Banana Cake with Chocolate Icing. Yum!

We had an interesting experience with her candles. They would not blow out and they were not special “tricksy” candles. Every time they were blown down, they would relight. Finally, I doused them in a little cup of water. They were like mini, non-extinguishable sparklers!




Enjoying and examining her special posters!


So big! Two!

DSCN6948 DSCN6947 DSCN6943 DSCN6942

At two, she loves flashlights and one of her favorite things is the pink toddler safe flashlight she was given for her birthday. 🙂

Sometimes School Looks Like This

Sometimes School Looks Like This…

Little girlie was not feeling well today… congested misery. She came down early from her nap and I was busy tending to some things- turned around, and this is how I found her. My, how she adores that big brother of hers. (that’s Apologia Physical Science in his lap…) She missed him this weekend when he was away. He soothed her fussiness and tucked her in next to him. Look at those adorable feet. Love.


DSCN5636 DSCN5632

Words of Wisdom For the Mom with a New Baby-Monday

Day 1 of celebrating 500 posts!

I will share my top three “words of wisdom” for a new mom- as shared at a baby blessing this weekend.

Words of Wisdom for A Mom with a New Baby (be it first or tenth!)

1.) Nourish yourself. Drink water, take your vitamins, rest when able, and eat well. I fully admit to having been very poor at this item. This does not negate its importance!

2.) When the days are hard and the nights seem unending, remember that this will pass quickly. It truly will. It will even if you have 5 babies in just under 6 years. I know. I have lived it. Soon and very soon, that warm, fragrant baby snuffling against your neck will be reaching out to take the world in his own two hands. Cup those days, and don’t make haste. And know this, sweet Mama, know this: it will be alright. It will. Remember – there are answers. Your answers probably won’t be my answers. You will write your own story. But, whatever your struggle is- baby sleeping, baby feeding, whatever…keep a learning heart and seek. You will find. I say this,too, from experience. It might not be easy, but it is true. Real life.

Psalm 145: 18

The LORD is near to all who call on him,
to all who call on him in truth.

He truly is. I have lived it.

3.) And finally. When you welcome that sweet baby, remember you are welcoming a precious soul to train for God. A new member to join your family, adding their uniqueness while carrying some of yours. What a privilege it truly is to minister to your child’s heart and raise them for and in the Lord. Love that little one who will soon and very soon be O! so big. Treasure their heart. Remember that…

Matthew 10:45

“… whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.”

Keep a high view of that precious, precious child. All the mundane tasks of motherhood that can weary the soul and body to the bone…let them push you deep into Jesus and His Grace. Deep. He is there and He has much in store for you. Treasure your children. Treasure the gift. Even in the ugly- hard- He is there. There is gold glinting in the dark. I pray you find it by His grace.