Settling in with peace- knowing the {why}

I sent a son off to soccer this week. Or rather, I began the disciplined haul of practice runs as pre-season began along with an evening boot camp. This is the start of this son’s fourth year participating with the local Christian school which provides oversight for our homeschool.


I have been down this track before.

And I have to admit, I am a questioner. I am always assessing, evaluating, questioning- and yes, even second-guessing choices I make and paths I take.

Knowing the why makes all the difference.

After the very first day, a somewhat discouraged {and tired} son sat on my floor reflecting. And I, weary and battle sore {and weak} wondered if it all was worth it anyway. So we had a little chat- and it went like this:

What do you gain from playing soccer? 

His words:

  1. fitness
  2. discipline
  3. time management
  4. learning how to properly interact {communicate}  with all different kinds of people, and people I wouldn’t necessarily choose to be around

Grateful, I sighed in relief- because yes, these are the benefits that we have experienced and pursue through this; that we value for their impact and goodness; that I do know will have such a positive forward reach into his future. I was glad he articulated it because, in that moment, I didn’t know if I could. I needed his words, too. I needed to remind myself why I shuttle around in my big van again, again. Also, so very glad he owned these benefits for himself.

I shared how much knowing how to manage an athletic commitment and academics helped me in my life when I was a student (time management).

But, it felt lonely for him, too. The “why” is worth it, but how to turn this all the way around?
What can you bring to the team?
even if you never have a buddy; even if you never really “fit in”; even if you never play a fantastic game {we are not-in general- fantastic athletes over here}
My words:
  1. a positive attitude
  2. respect for Coach and the team
  3. joy in the Lord
  4. solid work ethic

He agreed.

When Micah {oldest son now in college} was getting ready to begin his journey into high school basketball, I had one profound conversation with my brother. He talked a lot about body language and communication- and the way sports carried forward into his life as a grown man.  I listened; I agreed.

And I have learned (since 2013).

Athletics or physical activity is very important for my teens. It is something that is definitely a priority going forward for all of our children.

When the season gets long and the days get hard, because they will, I will remember this son’s good points. And press on.


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