I am at 66 books today… with some thoughts on ambush and illumination.

Judges 21; Acts 25; Jeremiah 35; Psalm 7; Psalm 8


Multiples Illuminated Vol 2 -from toddlers to tweens released Friday, August 4. It then rose to number one bestseller! My essay is published in this anthology. Squeeeeee!

Just released

I am still writing and (planning) to post Mentoring Monday posts- even though I have missed a Monday (or two)…

I am delighted to share that Nathanael is posting on 66 books once a month and you can find his first post here:

Judges 19; Acts 23; Jeremiah 33; Psalms 3,4


I recently completed the Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson in a whirlwind read -fest. Quarantined with pink eye helped the cause. I really enjoyed this series for three reasons. 1.) My son (Asher) absolutely insisted that I read them and then discuss.  Forever endeared to me for that reason alone 2.) I have been encouraged, inspired, and blessed by Andrew Peterson’s work and was intrigued to explore his fiction writing. 3.)The books were mind-expanding.

Some fearful/scary elements, violence, suspense, and loss are featured- so herein is my disclaimer and parental heads-up.

I want to read them again. More slowly this time. Good talks on story structure, world building, consistency with characters, and more…not to mention the multi and many layered world to explore and learn in more depth and detail.

Some Endless Gifts…


Pool days

Todd’s visit with grandparents

A Canvas screen that shows a grade of B! M. Tax.!?!?

the four of us; late night in chairs and memories…and the laughter

Visiting Colin’s house and the thunderstorm; time on the porch

The sweet weekend treats

Delicious dinners

Meals around the picnic table

a long talk on the front step

Celestial Seasonings Chai- Indian Spice (Decaf) – so good

Melodee- and her truly amazing skills with the Nintendo Switch.  And I ponder: what giftedness and skill set is reflected here? She holds her own with all ages.  She is a champion.

On the sly, stealth-like rowing on my Dad’s Erg

My Mom- taking me to Urgent Care and helping me.  Thanks Mom-  dealing with the stress of finding an appropriate place to go and then relocating in the midst when one place was actually not covered by insurance.


Precious friends to share Saturday

Good/normal test results

Little girl dance class with Nikki

An Eagle Project in progress

melty hot cookie bar with chocolate chunks and a cup of coffee

Getting ready for a new school year.

A 100 Chart Complete- Yay! Joshua!!!



Tomorrow there is soccer practice, high school co-op orientation, twin wellness appointments, and evening dance and 3 on 3. On, on.

Pondering life, slowness, commitments, and a new school year. Bible time, water, exercise, and finances.

This is an email newsletter that drops into my inbox with a well of refreshment, encouragement, and comfort. Middle Mercies.   It has been grace to me.  I know I am fully in transition as the seasons of my life have irrevocably changed.

-Endless Gifts-