It’s Scout Camp Cook day today!!!

We’ve got Piano Guys on the playlist.  Todd’s getting ready for his mid-term exam (which he will take today). The house is filled with all joyful bustle. I just shocked tall son with a liberal sprinkle of sea salt on diced potatoes whilst talking continually to another son. SPL son is helping new, young scout pack. Hamburgers are done. Chicken’s on. Pork’s on. Ground beef’s cooking. Pancake batter’s a-mixing. The joy like the dawn dish soap -rising – effervescent.

And in honor- I am posting the pancake recipe I just converted (yet again).


  –for my tribe-

10 large eggs

5 cups white flour

5 cups whole wheat flour

7 1/2 cups liquid (rice milk, water, orange juice, coconut milk, etc)

10 TB brown sugar or coconut sugar

1 1/4 cup oil  (we use olive)

10 TB aluminum free baking powder

*earth balance or coconut oil to grease griddle

*berries, chocolate chips, or other add-ins

Beat eggs in bottom of large(est) mixing bowl. Add the rest of ingredients and mix thoroughly. Add berries if desired.

Heat griddle until a sprinkle of water bubbles and pops.

Ladle batter in pancake sizes onto greased griddle and cook until surface lightly bubbles.

Sprinkle with chocolate chips if desired. Turn and cook other side.

Serve with Maple Syrup