I look back on my blog- and I can’t believe my last post was May 22nd. It has been a busy time. There have been (in no particular order) 3 different recitals, a birthday extravaganza- wonderful overnight guests, the SAT, ant eradication, graduate school (Todd),

an end of the year picnic, 16th birthday plans and gifts for a son turning 16 in July, a whirlwind overnight trip with my girl, music camp and driving school.

A lot.

And a friend and her family are moving away and I have been sad. I am sad. It is creating a lot of heart pain for me and a few of the children- and I think it is two-fold or rather- several layered. One, we have been the ones leaving for a new horizon and it hurts in a new way to be the ones left. Two, it brings to the surface a lot of pain from our own moves and the losses and changes in relationships. We are raw in loneliness and this rips it open a wee bit more, I think.

Also, this family was a tremendous catalyst with a lot of power to unite and gather people. It is hard to see them go and feel alone again.  They are/were a part of our church  (rare!) and the boys’ youth gatherings. They are/were a homeschooling family in our fellowship group. It is a loss.

So, I am choosing to turn this into an opportunity to trust and continue in meekness. We are in Your Hands, Lord. Bring people in Your time and in Your Way. Thank You for this sweet family and go with them and before them and behind them and around them in their new (far, far away) state.

Tomorrow- 66 books and there are Mentoring Monday posts in the queue just waiting.

And… now… I am choosing…Endless Gifts…

The Lord be with you dear reader,