The glorious Maryland sunshine and blue June sky on a drive out to the country

The mockingbird on the roof-top belting out (different) bird call after bird call to our complete entertainment

The umbrella for the deck and the promise of a quiet, night-time sit with my love under the lights

Flowers in my barrel and in the front bed

Happiness by Need to Breathe and the laughing realization that I was caught (seen) dancing in my car at a stoplight by a friend from Church -completely unknown to me until days later

Us all in Church and the power of the message and the encouragement in my prophetic prayer over leaving friends

Abi’s first dance recital and her smile and the ballet bun perfection I accomplished and her flowers and her brave courage

A Hoagie for Asher and the first Youth Fellowship Night for him

Krista’s beautiful recital and the conversation with a HisWay mom there- and the healing and encouragement I felt

Every single part of the Schwenk visit

The driveway filled with a basketball game

the borax solution that offers true! ant relief safely

talking til the birds sing with the dear sister of my heart

The Big Van and

the two vans- washed

Taking time- to sit quietly, close eyes, and gather- ….gifts

Time in my sister’s home and her in mine. All her colors engraved on my mind and the bleach water shower solution and – just every second of the time…and thank you, Amy for bringing the teen decor for the 13 year old  birthday party tradition we have joyfully established. A total of 5 thirteen year olds between us- as of now. 🙂

Ensemble Intensive Blessing

My walk with Courtney and the comfort of her friendship

God’s grace.

I felt too choked…but when I chose to enter in, I found them.

And it is good.