We are driving to church. All together.

The sky is bright, the breeze is cool.

Three little girls sit in the row behind.

Little blond girl, always front and center. She’s always in the middle of three. (Car sickness preventative) Melodee on one side, Norah on the other. All dressed up and pure, darling cuteness. Bows in the hair and each sweet, denim skirt clad.

Suddenly, a plaintive voice…

“My mouth is empty! My mouth is empty!” I look back. She has “frowny” eyebrows and a distressed face.

“Why is your mouth empty?” I ask.

“Because it needs my thumb in it!” She says.

All, utter seriousness. We laugh. She is looking for permission to put that thumb in her mouth. Her empty mouth – the persuading reason.

The Things They Say. (A)