the gentle son who rides with me, loves the deep talks, and has such supportive understanding, and the Cello music he shares (N)

his very apparent joy and happiness… the skip in his step; his cousin is coming for more than 24 hours. Never have chores been done with such willing joy. Prized company makes everything sweeter. (A)

The way they only had praise for their brother; both full of genuine respect, praise, and support.

A talk with my teen Boy Scouts about the Troop bugler and all that role entails. Those lips and The Things They Say. Forever laughter.

Micah- he’s SPL for 2017-18.

The way the Office and Main Bathroom are finally, finally clean and off isolation quarantine. It is no “joke” how certain illness can lay a large family down. We were behind with laundry for weeks…and weeks. Yes.

My sister and two of her beloveds with my darlings for just over 24 hours-

Birthdays. Cinnamon Rolls. Special Meals. Blue and Green Candles. Kiwis, and Strawberries, and Blueberries. 9 & 13. Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing and Chocolate Chips. Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Icing and Vanilla So Delicious.

Abi’s feast

A flute, fully repaired and all of his joy in playing. I will love it forever.

A brief, scurried reflection: I am now the Mom of four teenagers. In many ways, this is more momentous for me than being the mom of 4 children four and under- which I was when Micah was four. They were 4, 2, 1 and just born. Now they are 17, 15, 14, and 13. I need a picture!

The pressed and fragrant grace of forgiveness. It is an offering. It is unconditional. It is open hands. It is given and received in unceasing flow.

May’s Sunshine Days and Cool Spring Rains

A visit from Aunt Kay

All good things from the kitchen

Ringing out the familiar call: “It’s time for Evening Clean-Up!” They do not enjoy it and they will probably not remember it fondly- but to me, to me… it means- we’re home… I am presiding i.e. I have enough wits about me to even call out the evening chore time and enforce it, there will be some of us in, let’s enjoy the evening! And what can compare to the peace of spaces put back into some order at the end of the day? The roar of the vacuum, the scurry of feet, the clank of dishes. The glimmer of candles (when I am really back at the helm). Now, if I can only get a clean kitchen routine.

The way marriage hurts and heals. again, again. Heights and Depths. Always. And I am choosing to give thanks in it.

Listening with mind, heart, and ears

Speaking with a dear Mom of grown children at church… feeling what a treasure she is and wishing I could know her more and learn from her

Bacon-wrapped chicken and sweet potato fries

Maryland cloud studded sky and sunlight and that breeze; and the yard trimmed and mown and weeded and beautiful; and he- happy.

Sweet words at 66books

Just- choosing Grace. Choosing to walk in it, believe it, live it, and extend it.

Endless Gifts