The bright flit and flicker of gold among the tree branches and lighting the grasses- the goldfinches- wee, vibrant bodies- and I find myself continually apprehended by Maryland birds,

and not just birds… but trees. There are Wild Dogwoods here… just like the mountains… and they light up roadside and field with their bridal colors.  There are beautiful, ornamental trees of all sorts. And roses. And pansies. And… I would really like to slowly learn and build some beauty here.

I stepped out on the porch  in the midst of a strained phone call… and there they were- a sweet golden flock of beauty. My heart.

And the sunset off the deck…ladles of gold. The season change is in the air and in the skyscape and in the soil and in the creatures.

The photos of Spring bedecking a loved home in Georgia; my pansy flower friend and beauty kindred. When I close my eyes, I can see the colors.

the grace gift that ballet has been for my daughter and the way her violin sings

Strawberries, blueberries, and red raspberries

Dandelions: Stars in the Grass

writing my way to peace- and why did I wait so long?… it is okay that I need to write it.

The laundry *almost* all the way caught up and a plan for the next few days that has clean, clean, clean on the top of the list.

A little girl, well again.

Ben Hur discussions

the slow trickle of good news

he plays piano… and it is always like David on his harp… soothing a mind and soul in torment; relief

Culturelle for Kids

His tall, tall frame in the doorway

And there she is… at the window again. Hovering. Camera in hand. Those birds-we are all entranced.

Her bird feeder, finally in a place of its own. And everyone’s delight: The birds are eating our seeds!

A yard mown, places prepared for plantings and beauty, a Big Van- vacuumed

A day to rest

Positive feedback

Spring Recital- and he is all, “This is the most glorious day!” -the things they say

A smooth HisWay Monday in spite of fatigue

the prospect of slips of lilac and forsythia from my growing up home

the ‘ladies’ of our home and family… “come on in, ladies”…. “Ladies!”…. 8-10 years ago… it was “Gentlemen!” I love my family.

Talk time with Todd

It is May.

~Endless Gifts~