Today, I begin my new endeavor in earnest. I begin to blog through Mission of Motherhood.

I am part of the MomHeart groups facebook page and recently a thread came up about women who maintain a career during motherhood, women who work outside the home, and other “life puzzles” that involve pieces beyond just being home as a full-time mother, homeschooling mother, and so on.

The thread was mainly in reference to Chapter 2. I am jumping right into this concept, though, right at the beginning- because I would just like to say that the focus and angle  of this blog endeavor and also of this book is to invite a heart’s consideration of God’s priorities and to prayerfully consider how to align life according to those values. It is not a one size fits all or “life must look this way” or even this personal conviction is “the truth everyone should walk in”…  It is a gentle call to walk with God as Mothers and to pursue His design in and through the many varied circumstances of life.  Each woman has to answer for her own heart before God and that will look differently for all. However, there is nothing like the joy and peace of resting assured before the Lord and having the impact of His power and grace fill a life.

So, Mama, wherever you find yourself: at home with littles, homeschooling, invested in the public school, driving to Christian school, working in a career, maintaining a side job, and so on- you are welcome here.  I will reflect from my own circumstances and my own choices but it is not a mandate. It is a heart’s response and I invite you to respond from your own heart as well.

Regardless of circumstances, the reality that children are a precious stewardship from the Lord is significant and true. Considering this truth, understanding it, and making choices in light of it- is transformative and important.

I try to be a single-eyed person, Lord willing, and over 13 years ago, now, I knew the Lord called me to homeschool… and over 18 years ago, I knew that my first ministry was my home and family.  Over 16 years ago, actually reflecting back… this might be longer and long ago… from the first heart stirrings of a wee, small girl…, I knew I was called to a large family. I pray that by God’s grace I always stay true to His desire for me and His will.  Because I think that  what matters is our own authentic, faith walk and this integrity is key.  Forgive my lack of chronology here. 🙂

I share this to be forthright about the direction that my thoughts will flow from… And sharing this, I can be free to ponder and declare the powerful truths about Mothering in Christ that can transform a home and family- with you first knowing… you are free to “build your own life puzzle” in Christ and I am not telling you what that needs to look like!

Lord let there always be the mark of Your authentic life impressed upon my own and by Your grace keep me faithful in You.

Thanks for being here,