This is from the summer…9 months ago. It has waited in my drafts. As we hail spring into summer- I am delighted to share and remember this delicous memory. 🙂

To my precious friend who was there… a wee bit of creative license with this story to try to capture the delight I found in it.. 🙂 To my dear North Carolinian friends- you know all the wildlife(and more!) is true.

We were having a swim at a friend’s house and to our overflowing delight, there were sticky little tree frogs everywhere. This was such a grace gift to our family- we love the creatures of the wild and it felt like a North Carolinian balm to our hearts. We were always exploring the skinks, the toads, the hummingbirds, the Swallowtails, the Monarchs on our Carolina mountain. Not so much the snakes.

The children were enjoying the frogs so much. There were many squeals and delight…

and one son said, “I have an antique one!” I thought nothing of this… thinking perhaps the markings were indeed antiquated in appearance when a sibling quickly interpreted:

“You mean unique! A unique one!” and that was, indeed, what he meant.

“Antique” -The Things They Say. Grin.