How, almost with the click of the publish button, my heart felt lighter. So much lighter. Braving out to be free.

Robin Mark on the nap playlist- as I sit and preside over three small girls who need their beauty rest. “Blessed be Your Name! Blessed be the name of the Lord!”Β I am transported. Meet me, Lord.

A small, hot mug of cocoa. Special dark. Nutpods creamer. Coconut sugar. Blissful.

Pancake Breakfast and Real Maple Syrup for my loves.

Driving out to Scouts… and out the corner of mine eyes, I see the trees stretching their pink… the sweet flutter beginning to unfold… and behind me, I hear a small gasp. I hear a little girl’s chatter. Then-my three wee ones have noticed Spring. There is some confusion about trees and flower petals. One little girl, she claps her hands when I tell her the trees are blooming. She claps her hands and exclaims in delight. They notice the forsythia, the pink blooms. I point out the daffodils. I notice the bridal white. It beckons April unto me. My own bridal month. O Spring!

Chicken and Broccoli. And Rice. And Won-Ton. Forever.

Chocolates with crazy names that are out of this world fun and delicious. And presiding in secret in order to land in Easter Love Baskets in just a couple weeks.

The feel of my cool sheets against my feet.

A weekend to look forward to-

A Morning Hour with my children- for delight. For Truth. For Beauty. For Goodness. For, gathered together and hymns, and art,and music, and literature, and stories. Good stories. And 24 Ways for our family. For consistency. For candles on the table and a breakfast schedule to nourish bodies, hearts, souls, minds. For an opportunity to grow in endurance and faithfulness. For Mornings.

Pippin and Merry and five baby bunnies who delight us from afar

Pondering and Scheduling Writing Time and Reading Time…and Podcast time? Maybe. Currently challenged in this area.

A Mid-Year Review. Completed.

An amazing, true gift of an Eagle Coach

His (first) 100 days (N) And other children on day 89 and… 70 (or so…?)

A new flute player in our house

Sundays for Sabbath and a prayer that the Lord will help me make the most of this special day

The whole theme, rising, its- Freedom. Freedom.

Freedom the theme of all of Worship this Lord’s Day.

And I am really grateful for the way our church integrates Worship and the Word, liturgy, and Prayer into one seamless whole. One Worship.