(Note: I was going to schedule this post, but just in case there is someone who might benefit and want to order for Easter…I think there is just a day or two left for delivery by Easter)

With Easter soon upon us, I am SO very excited to share about a company that is new to us.

For many years we have purchased Amanda’s Own Confections. I always buy the Lamb Chocolate lollipops for our Love Baskets at Easter. And I buy little foil wrapped Easter figures that I place in Easter Eggs. I am still buying from them but we have never really expanded into all the different things they offer due to the expense. The chocolate is dark and is not the favorite for some of the children. They are high quality and delicious and I always experience great service.

No Whey Chocolates came across my facebook feed a month ago or so. I think I saw it on the Allergic Living page. ย Then I saw an ad or two… then, I checked them out. I saw that they were distributing Chocolate Easter Bunnies to Wegman’s. I was intrigued.

The Easter offerings (some of which are sold out and no longer pictured) looked so fun!

I ordered and I emailed. I was reassured that the company is

dedicated Top 8 free, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten-Free,(and no artificial colors or flavors!) and batch test/sample ingredients.

It is very, very, very hard to find truly safe chocolate candy. It is one of the most dangerous foods for milk allergy.

I am so glad I discovered this company and everything was just as we hoped and just as they said!

I dreamed about the treats arriving and all of my children being able to taste, try, and enjoy.

And the day they came- was just like I imagined! ย We moved carefully (and slowly as always) with Asher. He is the true litmus test. ย He passed! He has passed every thing he has tried and loved (almost) all. We all have!

The Just Great Candy offerings are alternatives for typical favorites like M and M’s; Hershey Bars; and Snickers Bars. And they are delicious.

Most of my children have never had an M an M or Candy Bar.

These treats are definitely items I will put in the Boy Scout Camp food bins as well as in packed dinners for Sports Away Games.

They are delightful for Tea Parties.

The delight on my teen boys’ faces -especially the two who have never had a Candy Bar (until now)- is a joy to behold.

Our favorites are the Choco No-No’s, the No Whey Bar, the Milkless Bar, the mini peaNot cups, and the mini-cream Easter Veggs. The Peek-A-Boos are super fun, too.

The names seem odd to me and it is hard to say them- but the candy is terrific! I listed the favorites because, when I was choosing what to order, I looked at what people highly rated and it helped.

Yay for No Whey Chocolates! An awesome allergic lifestyle food find!