Outside the kitchen window, we can see our one tree.

Yes, one tree on this property except for two small, interesting ornamental tree type bush creations that I hardly know how to define.

I know…all my North Carolinian friends… I can hardly believe it myself… and truth be told, I can hardly stand it… but anyway-

It is a Mulberry Tree.

The last to bloom. The first to lose its leaves. We wait long for its swift beauty.

My girl, my sweet springtime girl-

she noticed the starkness of our tree-

“Mommy, our tree- it doesn’t have any leaves or blossoms on it?” She is concerned. It is her gasp of delight that plays upon my ear these days. She claps her hands to see the beauty springing forth about us.

I tell her what more observant children have told me in past years. I tell her about this tree of ours.. I explain its shortened season. It will bloom in its own time-

and she says,

“Oh! The neighbor’s tree looks so beautiful! The blossoms will bloom for Easter!”

Yes. Yes, that tree will bloom for Easter.

Even now, daily, it is arraying itself in beauty.

And we also have that gorgeous creation right outside that very same window. It is a pressed and floating background for our branches.

And, I can’t wait and neither can she.

It’s Spring.

The Things They Say (and notice) (M)