Roses in a hammered silver vase

Me, on the deck, with my face turned to the blue sky- that promise of spring,  my eyes to the sun, while I brace myself to the deck and the wind whips me round. That hard February wind-  I brace against the cold in the bright, bright sun. I stand as long as I can take it.. and then I come in. My mind completely rejuvenated. My hair falling tousled around my face after the fresh tussle from the wind. My face and feet hold the chill memory- longest. The cold eases away in the warm house. I send them out to play.

That February light slanting through the Valentine heart banner and blessing candle, flower, cake banner, too. A tangle of hearts and a beam of golden light. February: a  month of beauty. I feel like a flower. I cannot help but turn my face to the sun.

Valentine Card Making station and a dish of chocolate and raspberry fig bars. A chocolate cake and chocolate chip pancakes.  A new tradition born out of love.

Strawberry Smoothie more like soft serve. Tasty goodness.

Finding my walk-  I stepped off the curb and down the road and as my foot hit the road, my heart said, “This is your walk.” And I went. Years of walking down miles of roads… and I pray the time has come, once more. I found the walk. Now- to find the time?

Treasured friends and their cards and their words

the way antibiotics relentlessly push back a massive strep throat and swallowing free again

my heart captured by Maryland sky- for a long time I resisted. But now, I am convinced, one of her glories- is her moody, shifting, golden, glorious sky and it is soul filling to step outside and breathe deep and let my hungry gaze apprehend as far as I can see. Every type of streaking, shifting, huge and puffy cloud- every golden thread and glimmer, and the blues…it’s glory.

Micah- well again. Praise be!


End of February and a Birthday to celebrate this upcoming week

Grace in an Envelope