(Note: this post contains referral information and links. I may benefit if you go through one of these links and become a contracted tutor.)

Work from home opportunities that can fit within a homeschooling lifestyle can be hard to find. For many years, I have cried out in my heart to the Lord for help in this area. I am thankful to say that He has answered abundantly! While I am still very new to everything, I have been so pleased. I am grateful for these opportunities.

I am sharing them here, on the blog! I have three opportunities to offer.

I have found wonderful opportunity as an English and Writing Tutor. However, Calculus, all Math, Science, Computer Science are all in high demand and actually receive a higher pay rate. There is also opportunity to tutor in career fields like nursing. So, if you enjoy teaching in any capacity, this might be an opportunity to consider!

The first is Varsity Tutors. I have been so pleased with this company. Their support is excellent. Their live, online platform is terrific. I have greatly enjoyed the clients I have worked with so far. They have a video interviewing process with follow-up phone calls and emails. I have found communication with this company to be reassuring and of the highest caliber. Varsity Tutors connects students in real life and also online. I use a headset for the online tutoring feature with this company. This company also has the best referral opportunity both for referring tutors and also students. You can also earn money by creating practice tests and quizzes. Very interesting!  From Varsity tutors: Great tutors across all subjects are needed. We have an especially high need for math, science, and test prep tutors, including SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT.

The second online tutoring company is called Chegg. This company also has a terrific online platform. Out of the three opportunities I am sharing, I have found it to be the hardest to obtain clients. I think this might be because of the subjects I am certified to tutor. They have a wonderful written lesson function that I enjoy as a Writing Tutor. I can tutor live online without the headset. This can be very convenient! They rely on a chat/message feature to promote communication between students and tutors. Once you connect with a student, you are to schedule or move to the live lesson space. All tutoring takes place in the live lesson space and payment begins immediately once the lesson begins. I have had a great experience with Chegg customer service. They are helpful, kind, and informative. They do seem to have a stronger focus on the STEM subjects. However, I have tutored in my expertise on their platform.

The final opportunity I would like to share is Brainfuse. I have found the most work, so far, with this company. I am contracted through their Writing Lab and also on their live, online tutoring platform. This platform is entirely chat based with a whiteboard and document share feature. The whiteboard has many components and there are all kinds of tools for STEM tutors. They only offer a referral fee if you refer them a tutor who teaches physics, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, or chemistry and teaches for them for two months. After the two months, there is an email process that has to be followed- so if this does work for you! Please let me know. 🙂  The live online tutoring is a great opportunity for working at home in the evenings or weekends. (Mostly 🙂 I am still getting used to structuring everything.) The Writing Lab is a feature where students submit essays, papers, and other works of writing into the system and tutors grab them and return them by the due date which is (usually) about 24 hours later. If you are interested in this, I would ask you consider contacting me and I can provide more information!

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to provide help and instruction in the subjects of Writing and English. It has translated positively in my homeschooling, also. I have more confidence and the tools I use with online students have helped me tutor my own sweet ones.

Once again, Varsity Tutors is my favorite! I had a little bit of a struggle with a situation and they were available and kind throughout the process.