It is such a joy to celebrate with the ones we love. It is so precious to champion diligence and excellence and to feel the love and support of precious ones around us.

On Saturday, we celebrated Abi and Jonah as they attained a musical goal. img_20170128_125433584 Performing a solo recital is a long journey in process. Each one takes almost a year to plan- at least six months…before recital day is finally here.


On January 28th, Abi and Jonah each stood before a crowded family room filled with family and dear friends and presented work that had been almost a year in the making.


Currently, Abi is working and almost finished with Suzuki Book 3 in Violin. Jonah is working and mid-way through Suzuki Book 2 in Viola. In the midst of continuing on with their studies and progressing through their new levels, they also perfected all the songs they learned in their previous level.


Abi presented Suzuki Book 2 and Jonah presented Suzuki Book 1 for Solo Recital. They each also chose to memorize their entire books just as their brother had last Spring- and so they presented each piece from their heart.


In preparation for a Solo Recital, the teacher works carefully with the student, crafting each piece to performance level. Usually, for a semester recital, the student only perfects one of the pieces. For Solo Recital, each piece is taken to the highest level.

For this recital, we broke for a brief and festive intermission and then enjoyed dinner afterwards. We also planned a very special surprise for the end. Nathanael joined them and they played two songs as a trio: All Creatures of Our God and King and The Kesh (dedicated to my Dad)


There were so many things that made it special. One most important one was that dear people still came even though we were dealing with significant illness ( I actually think RSV per one of the pediatricians) in the young children.  We managed to present this recital in spite of a very challenging week that included possible pneumonia diagnoses for two of the little girls, inhalers, antibiotics, and many middle of the night steam showers.

It felt a little like a repeat of last year- when Abi prepared and prepared and prepared for a Fine Arts Competition- only to be seriously ill on the one day she was to compete. She competed anyway while under strict germ protocol- but did not (of course!) do as well as she could have. However, she did perform so beautifully at this solo recital and we made it through!

Of great accomplishment for me- was the crafting of the programs! It took me far longer than I expected. We had such a wonderful example in Nathanael’s Cello teacher from last year. She really was amazing in so many ways and she set a wonderful precedent and example.


Thank you so much to all who came and gave your attention to their music. Thank you for being a part of something so special to our family. Thank you for bringing honor to a day that took so much effort. My heart is so filled with gratitude for the dear people who come alongside and love our family and who traveled so far for us. Thank you. Thank you!

Here is a sample to remember our day: