So, probably for the first time ever, I have a stack of posts all lined up and waiting.

And I have found that I don’t really like that feeling. Every time I go to hit publish… I feel stymied. How to choose?

It doesn’t feel right. And it doesn’t feel Real.

I am realizing that most important to me- of all-

is being Real and being True. In this space and in my workaday life.

This year, February is hitting me hard. Already and its only the first day.

Today, I read an Instagram by Blackberry_Rambles  that said: “Happy February!!! It can be a month of beauty!” (and check out those flowers!)

February can be a month of beauty. I think I am going to claim that one for my own. And make it so.

Join me?


P.S. I am going to brave right out and start sharing my stack. Just a little heads up. 🙂