My home-made Guacamole, fried eggs, and hot dark coffee- and the freedom to eat it freely without anxiety, the beauty of the flame wickering on my left and the three chirping darlings playing energetically throughout the house so healthy.

Steaming cup of Oolong tea

Meditating, mulling, taking Scripture deep. Let it flame with light on my heart.

The laptop that sings my Dad’s love and technology. Using it all day long…

ripples of gold tinged clouds sky high -outside my Kitchen window- that Maryland sky, the blue with white ripples, gold rimmed

late night fireside

So I never forget- From New Year’s Eve:

Guacamole, Cranberry Relish, Pigs in Blankets, Nuggets, Fries, Special Sauce, Bean Dip, Popcorn, Wings, Soft Pretzels, Taco Chips, Veggie Platter and…. his chortle of delight at moving up to a big plate for the night. And how, somehow, he still couldn’t fit it all -the feast.

a reminder to scratch the memories down, scratch them, type them, collect them..sometimes I wait too long to write them…then they are like dust after the wagon has moved on…floating there, lingering, reminding me of the substance that once was. A puff in the wind.

how I opened a box of books sent by a new student I am tutoring… and it felt- prophetic, it felt alarmingly like the Hand of God, as suddenly, I was staring at a Creative Writing Packet full of new and recent loves, and the way my heart thumps hard in my chest- what treasure, this. What, this? It felt like an Endless Gift. It is. And even though… this student is now moving on… I still mark this as an Endless Gift. I felt like Hagar…God, You are the One who sees.

Sitting fireside. Church life stirred in my soul. Warm, flickering light. Hot coffee. Matt Maher. This is Sabbath to me.

The friend who braved our food needs and brought us delicious, healing chicken noodle soup…and her family who braved our germs and marched right in and set the pot on the stove.

A dear friend who trusted me with sacred prayers and who is held deep in my heart. And her words about love…that it is really all about loving and being loved. Praying friend. Praying and thinking about loving well.

Friends and Family who drove long hours to celebrate solo recital with us and their grace and patience…and unconditional love over illness and life

One long, crazy night with inhalers and steam showers and the grace of antibiotics and medicines and sleep. Sleeping in and a long slow day to recover

Two strong children of mine who stood brave and performed after hours and hours of work and practice

Planning senior year and Todd with me in it and how I need it and now the breath taken in  by me as some things are smoothed out…

Tulips, and Chocolate, and Coffee, and Fig Bar, and Love. All the love.

Its own post about this…but for now: