January Daybook

Outside my window… gray and wet. This January has been a slow dance with winter.

I am thinking…about many things! I am thinking about being faithful homeschooling and doing well at this home education task… I write task- but really, it is a calling. I am thinking about reading from my favorite philosophy of home education books and I am thinking about how much I want the book Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins. A new school week is ahead. I am getting ready to print our checklist sheets.

I am also thinking about how incredibly privileged I feel to be tutoring a student from Wheaton College in Chicago… and how I get to read every piece of his creative writing packet which is chock full articles written by the best. This is a feast! What riches!!!

I am also very carefully thinking about a wee one of mine who does not feel well and I am worried. I have to make decisions about doctors and waiting. Go now? Go tomorrow?

I have been thinking on the topic of “To Thine Own Self Be True” for many months now and I have a post that is almost ready to go!

I am thankful… for a warm, crackling fire and for the grace of God. For the Mom at church who took the time to sit with me and chat.

In the kitchen… Todd. And it smells– amazing!!

I am wearing… Black. And White. A textured, cozy sweater from my Mom over a black shirt and maxi. I love it. I am still fancy from Church.

I am creating…blog posts and an article for MultiplesIlluminated. I am pondering creating (writing) also.

I am going… possibly to the doctor with a small one.

I am reading… The Best Yes, At Home in Mitford, The Odyssey, and more…

I am looking forward to…two special solo recitals and a house full of guests. Soon. Very soon.

I am learning… about how to be an effective Writing Tutor. I am also learning about creative writing!

Around the house… There is much to be done.

I am pondering… (from Vinita Wright in The Soul Tells A Story)

“I believe that love is the supreme requirement in all situations. My creativity is important but it is not important enough to veto the choices made by love. The person who is integrating her creative gifts with the life of the Spirit will defer to love…there are ways to fulfill my creative callings without violating my callings of relationship…”


“Good life is costly. If you are guided by awareness of and responsiveness to your spiritual calling, you will make sacrifices, and sometimes those sacrifices will involve the creative gifts you love so much. When that happens, all you can do is leave the situation in the hands of your Creator, who will hold all of it- the giftedness, the glory, the sacrifice, the losses. Ultimately, we must trust these things to God’s care and let them go.” From The Soul Tells A Story

One of my favorite things… The Things They Say!

A peek into my day… This is recent but not today and it is SO special because, for many years, my older children would appear like this in these special blankets, every family fun night. These blankets are special gifts from their Ama, my Mom. And to see these three, all bedecked… all of their own choosing…well, it just warmed my heart… to a degree I don’t think I can express. It is missing and longing and hope and happiness all rolled into one. And cuteness! Never forget cuteness.