Tucking candles, here and there

His Christmas pack-up skills

Tea to warm the cockles

Almond Crunch Chocolate Thumbprint cookies, just the fancy my heart loves

New Year ponderings

Small stack of books

the feel of the fire, I stand in front of the fire…toast my back and legs,  the whole back of me, heel to head, and as I walk away-  the warmth of my skirt curled round my legs. Wrapped in cozy.

A snowfall at night and “The Snowy Day” again, again and and all their small wonder. I try not to hustle it. I try not to rush it right into the car so we can drive away. They curl their small toes into the frosted grass. They raise small round faces to a black sky, flecking white. “Does God make snow?” She wonders. And I need a do-over. A re-do. A take back this overstrung Mama… so I can catch the moments, like they catch the snowflakes, with breath-catching joy.

And I remember the first time I ever happened upon The Snowy Day. In a Borders bookstore in Pennsylvania, where I picked up a little red and white board book…and as I turned the pages, my heart was captivated and so full of my own small boy. Love. So full it hurts in its own keen way. So grateful for continual beginnings in the Lord and for Life and for an always forward journey with new wonders in Him.

A word for this year. A word…up- rising. And it’s Freedom. It’s Freedom.

Tuning a violin with piano alone during a time of immediate need. And then proving that we actually did it right with the real tuner. A moment of advancement! A true moment to pause and reckon. I can now string a a bowed instrument and tune a bowed instrument!

Piano Guys: Hello/Lacrimosa  what, what a soul beautiful song, and with that…his (N) Piano Guys playlist. It fills the room(s). It stills my heart. Thank You, God- for Cello.

For homeschooling. For the realization that I get to wake up tomorrow and light candles and gather my sweet ones and deal with their melt-downs. Yes, I do. For all the time to build together. For how it hurts that we are getting close to one fledging. And I am trusting to share that hurt- because I so often stuff it. Stuff it deep. Fledging is good. It is good. I know its good. But I am being brave to say it hurts, too. I know you will help me, Lord. I lean on You. Thank You.

For sweet bunnies. Little White and Little Brown and all the joy they bring.

For Todd. Holding down the fort, granting me some much needed sleep. I love you.

For feeling like a princess in clothes from my Mom and the quick find of my beloved birthday necklace from my sister. And how it was securely in its own box and why I didn’t think to look there first? Well, that is the mystery of me.

For you, friends, you who read here and tell me so. You, who I love. I have you in my heart.