Driving home… under Maryland’s moody sky… sun obscured by white, the golden glow, a muted, cotton shine-

There is the crunch of white on road and rim. There is the huddled chill. I zip along in Little Blue, basketball player by my side.

Casually talking with this tall son who is being driven hither and yon thisΒ Friday night. Talking about an event another tall son is heading to later this evening: a special occasion outing…

-for which we had to sign up to bring food-


“I signed up to bring sodas. So much going on, I knew I could get drinks. Lots of fun sodas are going to be there. I signed up for two. Mountain Dew and cans of Iced Tea. I don’t know why I felt like I had to sign up for two, everyone else is just bringing one (case of 24). I must be…

an overachiever.”

Just dropped right out of my mouth in the most natural, logical unfolding.

We laughed. I just laughed.

Truer words never spoken uttered casually-

those words just revealing myself to this self .

from my very mouth

The Things (I) Say