There is a new little one at our house! A darling, wee Christmas bunny.


We have been waiting for him. We have been eagerly anticipating him… and suddenly, he went from being a wisp of a dream… for a future yet unfurled… to a perfect brown bundle of soft reality.



Introducing: Meriadoc Bunny heretofore known as Merry. Completing our delightful duo- Merry and Pippin- the most hobbitish of bunnies; little bunny brothers.



Since the time our bunny owners(Abi and Asher)


chose Netherland Dwarf as their breed, they have been waiting for a Siamese Sable…just like their cousin’s bunny, Skitch. With the promise of one of his offspring in mind, we went forward and began bunny ownership with Pippin- who has been called the best bunny in the world! He is certainly the best bunny for us. And now… Merry:


-the happy,healthy outcome of a 4-H breeding project, little Merry is a boy and a delightful representative of his father in color and temperament. He is just what we were waiting for.


.Welcome Little Brown!