Christmas Eve is a delicious cacophony of papers and recipes; half wrapped gifts, tumbles of brown boxes, Shepherd’s Meal, the every year, hand crafted savory potato soup and crusty bread filling the house, wafting under everyone’s noises and stirring up delight and good memorizes. Zinging the tongue.


It is the final Advent gather round the table with singing and scripture and candle gleam.

Cookies in tins and small, excited children too tingly to sleep.

Half finished this and that spread everywhere.

It’s A Wonderful Life and The Christmas Carol. Wee hours with wrapping and cooking and candles.


Christmas Day is Cinnamon Rolls and Egg with Bacon Bake. Clementines in a clear bowl and candy canes. Cookie platters. It is darlings lined up on the stairs and fire crackling. It is gifts and their adorable excited jumping. It is coffee, lots of coffee. It is enjoying each other and enjoying the love and eight siblings in hand-knitted hats.


It is a Christmas Bunny and red pajamas. It is surprises. It is books, always books. Hand written notes, and hand-crafted gifts.



It is loading up and packing up- for its off to Grandmother’s House we go-

with Andrew Peterson’s Behold The Lamb, with one amazing Toby Mac CD, with Focus on the Family’s Christmas Carol audio drama-

we’re on our way for Christmas dinner!

And now, its the quiet pause as the year breathes its last. As the new page turn is just days away. Days to rest and soak; reflect and readjust.

I am grateful for this week. This break. This pause. This house, all topsy turvey, needing to be put to rights. Tasty leftovers in fridge and crock-pot.

It’s Christmas Time!


So many mistakes, I just edited out of this entry. I think its also time for a nap! 🙂