A blue skies December day with golden light after a day of grey, that sky streaked white and gold close to sunset

Window candles on a timer! Glory!

Hushed mystery gathered around Advent candles

Tutoring opportunities

My bed and the golden coverlet

Two very large TVs.Loving gifts. I am not used to these yet… not sure if I ever will be…but family movie night is surely larger than life now!

A safe butcher for a cow. It is harder to find one if these than I ever realized. But we have found one! Note: it very surprising how many butcher/meat places are truly unsafe for dairy food allergies…even places that do not use any other type of dairy/cheese/etc might use powdered milk!

Discovering December’s Gold. A gold unlike any other season and not found in tinsel or in twinkle lights… but in the incandescent color of the sky. Another blue skies December. Another twilight, caught astounded by the sinking glory, every cloud rimmed in gold and the sinking fireball a goblet overflowing I look up. I look down. Its gone. Finished. And only the heavy indigo clouds are hurrying by. Floating. Like water. Water to water. I ponder. I have pondered long. Perhaps one there will be a poem, a song about the waters. The waters of sky, the waters of earth. The Sky, The water. In the house, I hurry here I hurry there. I hustle. I put my hand upon the blinds to close away the night…and there staring at me, that one unblinking eye my daughter discovered, hovering in the sky. The moon, full and glowing. It felt like an eye. It felt like a huge, glorious, golden gift. Waiting there for me. And I caught my breath at its sight. I did and I actually cried out loud, “O my goodness” and hurried to try, to try to capture that beauty with an inadequate camera and my inadequate technique.Huge and rising. How quickly the night falls, how extravagant the dropping sun ball, how flaming the glorious beauty.  What beauty streaking across the sky…on the days that are blue in December. And all of it imbued with that crisp, cold air…all the promise of snow and Christmas and the waiting anticipation. It is gold, it is gold! for Christ, the King!

Finding blue-sky and gold in December is its own beautiful gift; thankful

Ishtar. And I am sucked completely in! And the cliffhangers! O, how can we be left there!

How she told me she was going to make me rainbows and then, later, I found her picture taped to my bedroom door. Her rainbows.

Gas fire on cold days, gold flicker December

Daddy’s bountiful tent created for his little girls on a Saturday morning. And pancakes. He made pancakes!


Writing, and trying to lean in to all this means for me.

That sunset streaking fire out my kitchen window…

his perfect stack of apple cores; I love this man of mine

Me, on the couch, “I’m cold.” I say… and she climbs into my lap with a hug and her cheek against mine and, “I’ll warm you up.” she says. (M) And she did, right to the cockles of my heart. And there she is, tucked up under my chin. And its Snowmen at Night, together.


A Wise Man on the bathroom sink. A cheery Little People Wise Man with a gold gift in his hand. Just there, all by his lonesome, where some small soul left him. Their little trails of happiness. Christmas Nativity.

How they decorated tiny little Mini Whinnies with bitty stickers… and one was adorned with a small, perfect heart.

And its always, The Story of Holly and Ivy.

treasuring dear friends near and far, email, phone call, and in person

Hot tea, fireside, with a kindred – a Christmas pause-

The Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends; again, again

Time making chocolate chip cookie cups with Joshua; wee girlie hands covered in cinnamon sugar, rolling Snickerdoodles; delighted ones decorating sugar cookies: Christmas- here we come!

It’s almost Christmas. Get ready.(this is for me)