The Things They Say: Twin Edition

Recently, Todd had our little girls step on our digital scale. He was surprised to see how close all their weights were. Indeed, they are just about a pound apart. He remarked about “our triplets.” I laughed….and then told him they had all gained a pound. He replied, in his inimitable way, that holiday baking affects us all! Too funny. Not holiday baking, just normal childhood growth. They are all close in height and weight and can wear almost the same size. They share all their clothes.  The twins and little one are 20 months apart. They were all in diapers. Now, they are all potty-trained.

A few evenings ago, I was in my bedroom and these three little girls were playing about in their room and in the hall when suddenly Aymee came rushing in. All bluster and breathlessness and full of importance.

She said, “Daddy’s going to be proud of us! All three of the twins! Cause we cleaned up our room all by ourselves!”

All three of the twins! 

The things they say.

A church Sunday in dresses I bought on special sale when Abi was little. She barely, maybe never, wore them. Our darlings. Little triplets.

“He goes before me…”

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