Sweet Birthday Celebration Fulfilled

Note: I always try to be careful of other peoples’ privacy with online photos. This is why there are not photos posted here of all the people gathered. I have permission to post my nephew in this space. Glad, glad, glad!

On Saturday, we were able to gather as a family and celebrate with a party that was a year ‘in the wait’ and it was just like our Lord to have it overflowing in goodness above and beyond what we could ask and imagine. Not only was everyone able to make it(except for my brother Ryan, who was hunting, yet even he made a facetime appearance! 🙂 ), but the special gift chosen for Asher from my parents arrived that very day (unexpectedly!)and he was able to have the two most awesome computer people in our family if I do say so myself(aka Grandad and Uncle Colin) on site to help with install and set-up.

Last year, Asher turned 13. He turns 14 tomorrow! We began a tradition of hosting an extended family birthday party for the thirteen year old, complete with fun caution tape and signs created by my sister when our oldest turned 13. 2015 was Asher’s debut into the teen years. We had to cancel the party. He chose to reschedule it for the next year because it was so important to him that family be able to make it and there was so much illness and scheduling conflicts we couldn’t make it happen.  It was a disappointing time.  Asher was determined, though, and convinced. He didn’t want to have it if we couldn’t make it successfully happen. He looked to the future with trust and determination. And so, several months ago, we set the date and sent the email invites and planned for the best.

Well, Saturday, that reschedule hope and dream came true. Every one of his 16 cousins was there. And… he got to celebrate with Jacob, beloved kid brother cousin, who turned 13 in August and had to wait for his caution tape, too. So, they were both wrapped. The older boys’ bedroom door is once again bedecked in caution tape. I had removed it last year in preparation for this momentous occasion and it has waited one long year to once again exhibit its yellow and black glory.

So, we had a glorious double 13 party full of all our favorite people.  And it was the chocolatiest chocolaty of teen parties, too. Asher requested Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Chocolate Chips. Jacob requested Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie. I pour a chocolate ganache on top of this, also. I loved their chocolate, chocolate choices: o! so delicious! The cake was lit with 28 candles and they blew them out together in one perfect, fell swoop.

I think every one of us enjoyed some special time with various members. It was a blessing for me to watch my littles interact and play with all their other little cousins. There are eight, soon to be nine little cousins age 6 and under. We so so appreciate all our family who traveled in to celebrate and many traveled back the same night and some came right after traveling back from holiday visiting with other family.

We celebrated with big crock pots of Chili over Rice. There was soda of all sorts including Root Beer especially for Jacob. Grateful for the veggie platter supplied by my Mom. There were chips and crackers of all sorts, too. Decor, paper products, and Fritos from my sister.

And cake. And chocolate.

And the heart-swelling gladness of my son’s happy face and this dream of a party coming true beyond what he could have asked or imagined.

Thank You, Lord. Thank you, everyone. 

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