The Things They Say: Wee girls of mine

Driving in the deepest dark of night… its only 6:30 p.m. Nestled round the night sky come too soon. Every light, a beacon so bright… car lights, street lights, star light… the moon- bright.

Little girls, eyes wide, seeking stars… seeking that glowing November Super-Moon

( watch out, loud audio at that link)

Dropping one big brother off and turning down to go get the other…

A little voice, catching glimpse of one large and glowing moon perfectly illuminated outside her car window:

“Is that the eye of God?” she asks, in quiet wondering. I startle deep, as I so often do with this one, the one who finds rainbows on the bottom of swimming pools and lit up in a sunlit patch of carpet.

I share some verses with my small girls about the eye of the Lord. I talk about the moon’s reflecting light. I think on different thoughts. They chatter.

“I love God!” says another. “He lit up the clouds all gold with His moon.” The light is spreading gold and deep in waves across the clouds encasing that glory moon.

It does look like one wild eye with some very bushy brows. It does look like one gold beacon of glory lighting the way home.

We talk about the Creator and they recite one after the other, thing after thing created.

Delighted. I in them and they in Him.

I cup the precious grains of sand, rough and beautiful, whisking through my fingers.

The Things They Say



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