His joy in basketball

a first, free trial dance class and no sickness!


They took this one! I found it on my phone.

November Super-Moon, huge rising

Her unfolding understanding and deep questions, rocking on the chair, sharing God’s love

“Come Thou Fount…” for so many babies,tucked under my chin on the rocking chair… and how one small one would just burst into song… and the only place she knew it from-was there, tucked long. And it is precious. Precious favorite. Sing it more, sing it long, sing it often.

Happy circumstance with piano for oldest son whose season of studies is rapidly approaching its end. I cup every minute of his beautiful music. It is dessert to me, it is hot coffee on a cold day, it is perfect quiet centering the soul, it is the ripple of water over the rock, it is beauty. It is fleeting. So thankful for a different teacher’s  skilled hand to craft this skill for the next year and a half, Lord willing.

November Morning Time, Thanksliving Box, heritage

all the flame of lingering color


Geraniums in November


Candles, and “going around the table” again

Cozy under warm blankets in the chill and three wee girlies tucked in bed with me…like so many little ones over the many years. Mostly, it is just the littlest, but today, all three tucked for just the smallest moment of cozy before we are up and away into the day.


Tableside Courtney. Soul richness. Tea! Talks. Flaming sunset. My girl, her joy in being there. Knitting fireside, and sweetest, best apple slices. A hound dog’s face, and poetry shared.


Golden Leaves

Time with Kelly, a book study, and friendship

stealth knitting…. (not by me)

Her blond hair, her brown, hers with the wild swing in it

The warm smells of roasted chicken filling the house, and candles flickering in darkness, and home-made mashed potatoes on the stove, and evening clean-up whisking everything into a cozy (somewhat) order


Lighting candles in the darkness

Let me never forget read aloud like this: one girl tucked in the crook of my arm, one perched above my head, one cuddled by my side….

A long row of cups for hot cocoa


A line of Cups


Steaming Cocoa

the last box of diapers and no more nightwear: bittersweet to me

November skies


Blue Skies November

Endless Gifts