My high school students are moving forward: grades and 11 and 10 this year.

This year we have continued with an outside the home co-op learning experience for several subjects. Nathanael joined Micah there this year. I am very thankful for this opportunity and the way it has and continues to sharpen these older students of mine.

Micah and I have begun exploring college options and plans. Just recently, some things started to come more completely into focus for me and I am thankful. So far, we have not participated in community college dual enrollment- instead continuing to utilize co-op and our academic oversight through the local Christian school. Micah will graduate with the local Christian school, with the co-op (if we continue next year- which thus far, we are), and with us- who have schooled him since the day he was born. 🙂

One of the greatest challenges of high school, for me, is keeping up with everything- particularly the subjects I am guiding at home- not through co-op. It is very easy in this age bracket for things to slip by undone, not completed, forgotten, etc. Then there is the relationship aspect of working with young men and being teacher/Mom. It requires grace and patience. For everyone.

High school is composed of more than just the academic workload for each student. We choose extracurriculars thoughtfully and they participate in required service hours. They both are a tremendous help at home as well and I am blessed in my relationships with them.

11th grade:

Bible(at co-op and with me), Chemistry with Lab (Apologia with a fabulous tutor), Algebra 2(Teaching Textbooks), Spanish 1(Avencemos with tutor), Government and Economics(Notgrass), Great Books- Modern(English 11 with American Literature(Am lit with me) and History credit , the whole Great Books course at an academic co-op), Advanced Technology(created with Khan Academy).

10th grade:

Bible(at co-op and with me), Biology with Lab (Apologia with a fabulous tutor), Geometry(Teaching Textbooks), Great Books-Medieval (English 10 with British Literature(Brit Lit with me) and History Credit- at an academic co-op) with Notgrass World History text as an overview resource, Latin 1 (Visual Latin), Fine Arts Credit in Cello Studies and Performance

Bible Resources:

11th: John Piper’s A Peculiar Glory; Piper’s William Wilberforce; Evidence Not Seen; and co-op resources

10th: Eric Liddell biography: Pure Gold; Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret, Everyday Battles by Bob Schultz, co-op resources

British Literature: David Copperfield, Beowolf, Canterbury Tales, C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy, King Lear, Sir Gawain, Sense and Sensibility, Pilgrims Progress, L’Morte D’Arthur

American Literature: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, My Antonia, Billy Budd, The Scarlet Letter, Alhambra, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Old Man and the Sea, The Great Gatsby, Classic American Short Stories