Gold and Russet October

the warm smell wafting, hand-made by me, chocolate chip cookies, perfectly soft in the middle, crisp on the edges, warming the house in October

the unexpected benediction of bright orange floating and twirling one brisk morning, one last Monarch

bluebirds on the lamp post again

Won-Ton Soup with my love

a flute, restored

grace in the days

the blurry, tired vision cleared and all is grace. Love.

special time for my girl celebrating a precious friend’s 14th birthday

Brunch by Todd and resting, restorative weekend

cupped gold, welling light

wind that whips me round

the big white van

leaf scatter

how she brought me nature’s gold, one pointed taut yellow leaf, from a backyard adventure, and her grin

a friend who feels like the catalyst for all good things

a text from a friend and then her flowers for my mom and provisions for me

being overwhelmed in the new Wegmans ‘near’ to me: truly the land of plenty and those lovely boxes of Fig Bars! 🙂

a face forward and focused journey

a small settling in, like a wee soft sigh in Maryland

rejuvenated piano for my first born

hottest tea, steaming

an Aquarium field trip for children who were too small to remember our Georgia experience

a young son on his first troop camp site weekend that is being run by his own three older brothers

hunker down, cold October and restful Thursday

read aloud rhythms

sweetest email and a tasty applesauce cake recipe! (and it was good!)

her delight in the first frost, and how she wants to be out in it… in the ice crystals and chill

Girl Club(s) of all sorts

choosing to turn again and again to the ministry before me and put my heart into building its richness, life, light, and truth

-finding my way, in October-